New this week in Days of Valor:

Inside of quarries, MG Towers, Mortar Emplacements, and TOW Emplacements can now be upgraded to bolster defenses.

The maximum upgrade level depends on the size of the quarry, as follows:

  • Small (S) Quarries: MG Tower L4, Mortar Emplacement L4
  • Medium (M) Quarries: MG Tower L6, Mortar Emplacement L6
  • Large (L) Quarries: MG Tower L8, Mortar Emplacement L8, TOW Emplacement L2
  • Extra-Large (XL) Quarries: MG Tower L10, Mortar Emplacement L10, TOW Emplacement L4

Good hunting, Commanders!

Days of Valor: Quarry Turrets Now Upgradable