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  1. Sticky: Forum temporarily off-line for remodeling - check back soon

    For now, please join the community discussion with players and developers in our Clan HQ live chat system.

    Here's the link:
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    Hi Bobc- Can you be more specific? More info will...

    Hi Bobc- Can you be more specific? More info will help us track down any bugs. Did you log out and then log back in, and they were gone? Were they in a battalion? on the map? in Reserves? Thanks.
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    Sticky: Frequently Asked Questions

    Technical Issues

    -Why does my game keep getting disconnected?
    -How can I check my internet connection speed?
    -How can I check for errors in the Google Chrome console?
    -Why is my full-screen...
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    Sticky: READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum Rules

    Community Forum Rules

    While we are open for all kinds of discussions, we have set some basic rules for these forums. By following them, you will make sure that both you and other members of the...
  5. Forum "Log in with Facebook" temporarily disabled

    The option to log in to the forums using your Facebook account will be disabled temporarily while we perform maintenance on the Battlehouse login systems. You may continue to log in using your...
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    Microsoft browser issues resolved

    On August 17 from about 00:00 GMT to 02:20 GMT, all Battlehouse games were freezing at the loading screen for players using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge browser, due to an Amazon...
  7. Hi guys - People do try it, and yes we do have...

    Hi guys - People do try it, and yes we do have code to detect and penalize it. (using macros/scripts to "play" the game while you are not at the computer is against our Terms of Service, both because...
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