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Thread: Army Size

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    Army Size

    Please increase the army size on the reserves bay because of the arrival of the new elite units that takes too much space

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    Yeah somehow I doubt that will happen as they haven't solved any other issues in game.

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    we ask this before 4 years but their answer was more space mean more unit mean more lag in game

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    Never going to happen as it won't make people spend money in game.

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    Cause not everyone who play's this game has money

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODST View Post
    Cause not everyone who play's this game has money
    Yeah I know because I'm one of them. I'd have to spend about 2 months to save up money if I wanted to buy gold in this game.

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    Things to make armies more efficient:
    Discard units that aren't used or useless.
    Delete units and retrain them if you have great deals of repairs.
    User smaller bats whilst fighting.
    And if you do all of those, improve skill if you lack it. :|

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