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Thread: Damage Protection / Player At Home Explanation

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    I hear what your saying Sam, but its been over 2 months and nothing has changed. Its quite obvious to the players out here this is a dying game and Battlehouse will not waste their resources on fixing the bugs in this game. Just look at the different Outlands and see how barren they are becoming. The senior players that are left in this game know what's going on and agree its a dying game. I won't waste my time and will tell others not to waste their's on reporting issues with this game as nothing will be gone. Maybe you should hire Larry The Cable Guy to fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed.839 View Post
    Never heard back from you and assume you'll do nothing about the cheating that goes on every day. This issue has been reported by numerous players with backup information and all we get is lip service. If that's the case then I'll let global know and that the game now supports cheating. Thanks for your continued lip service.
    Battle House do indeed support cheating. I know of a player that was OBVIOUSLY cheating, he was reported with screenshots, but he is still playing freely. So do not expect cheaters to be removed. I don't bother with reporting cheaters anyway. Waste of time.

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    Your right Steve. Many of us have reported the player for many months now even with screen shots which BattleHouse use as a stall tactic. You'll also notice they never responded to my last post so my advice to other players, cheat away as they'll do nothing about it as its a dying game. Just check out the various Outlands and see how barren they become. Oh, don't spend a penny on this game.

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    Yop!!! Hay yue what?? Is and bulgesh

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    hi let me ask how about a player who hit only the upgradings can we do something new for the protection?

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    There is a player on Outlands 12 ID. 2315102 Coords 154,188 who has had DP for 184 days?? I consistently see their clan mates with DP of days on end. I understand that this could be random but for one Alliance to be able to attack at will and then retreat to DP is making the game unplayable at best.

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    Good insight. Thank you and keep rocking.

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    ok, i understand the protection and shields thing etc, well explained, now what i don't understand is a player who has 519 days since last base defence, player ID 2346818

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    hahaha archie and chuky still crying , u need sam helps? i think u want playing mars alone

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