Technical Issues

-Why does my game keep getting disconnected?
-How can I check my internet connection speed?
-How can I check for errors in the Google Chrome console?
-Why is my full-screen mode not working?
-How can I send a screenshot in to the support team?

Gameplay Questions

-How do I go into full-screen mode?
-What are the best ways to gather a lot of resources?
-What's the difference between auto and manual unit control?
-What are all the keyboard shortcuts?
-Damage Protection / why can't I attack someone?
-Why can't I upgrade all of my buildings to level 10?
-Why is "Instant" upgrade cost sometimes less than "Speed Up" cost after spending resources?
-If I choose to "Slow Repair" my units using resources, will I get my resources back if I change my mind and decide to "Speed Up" repairs with gold or alloy instead?
-Why is my game locked down in a "12-hour cooldown period"?
-How often do the PvP points reset?
-How does repair / recycle in the Battalions feature work?
-How does the new regional map work?
-How does damage protection work with Battalions and Quarries?
-Help! Iím being attacked a lot! What can I do?

Policy Questions

-What is the Anti-Hacking / Cheating policy?
-What is the Alternate Account policy?
-Why am I blocked from chat?