This issue may be the equivalent of voter fraud in the real world (ie: almost zilch), but I just got curious about it, so my 2 cents (or maybe just trackers):

The TOS and a FAQ deal with alt abuse, but in no way define or provide examples of what constitutes abuse. Perhaps SpinPunch thinks there are too many possible situations for them to delineate them all. So, what if we ask specific questions for specific scenarios? Can we then get an answer as to what is or isn't abuse, and also what is a likely penalty for such abuse? It hardly seems reasonable to punish anyone for committing an offense about which they have no foreknowledge.

For example, I'll presume for one alt to provide resources to another by allowing a base hit would be abuse. It would be nice if SpinPunch would explain a) why that is abuse, b) what would be the penalty, and c) *how or whether Spinpunch would be aware of such an act, since players generally cannot tell who is an alt.

How about a player's multiple alts hitting the same base? Is that abuse?

Alts defending alts, either bases or batts? Abuse or not?

Is there any limit on #'s of alts? 10 okay? 20? More?

*Does abuse only exist if players report it? Or does SpinPunch monitor game play in such a way as to be able to detect same? Because if it's the former, then it makes the game totally prone to alt abuse as long as players cannot know who's alts are whose. Not only that, but even according to SpinPunch's own policy a reporting player may not find out whether what they reported was abuse or not, nor will anyone else.

A list of do's and don't's would be nice, and you only need to caution that it's not all-inclusive. Abuse is a meaningless word, if left undefined, and all games need their rules for participating spelled out.

(Plus, I'm posting this to show these forums are worthwhile, as there's not much engagement here by players, yet.)