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    Patch Notes

    Recent game updates:

    **NOTE: Starting December 30, 2016, all new Patch Notes will be posted on this page:**

    November 03, 2016:
    - The Warehouse can now be upgraded to Level 13, and offers more storage slots at all levels.

    August 31, 2016:
    - Generator L10 is now available at Central Computer L5, and costs less Iron and Water to upgrade.

    August 19, 2016:
    - When your Warehouse contains more than one stack of the same type of missile, the smallest stack will now be used up first, before drawing from larger stacks. This should help use Warehouse slots more efficiently.
    - Fixed a rare crash in the Battalion management GUI

    June 13, 2016:
    - Two battalion movement fixes: 1) When calling a battalion out of your home base, the battalion will now try to exit your base on the side closest to its destination, instead of picking a side randomly. 2) When calling a battalion to an empty land hex near your own base, sometimes the battalion would stop 1 hex short instead of entering the target hex. This has been fixed.

    April 20, 2016:
    - It is now possible to "bump" an incoming enemy battalion out of a hex if your own battalion can get there first. This stops the use of "ghost battalions" to lock down areas on the map. For more details about this update, please check our Thunder Run forum thread:

    April 18, 2016:
    - The Weapons Lab now costs 50% less resources and time to upgrade.

    April 4, 2016:
    - Fixed a bug that caused incorrect low-power status during replays. New replays recorded from today onwards will show the correct power status as it appeared during the battle.

    April 1, 2016:
    - The Mauler, Dragon, and Punisher now have 100-170% better combat stats!

    March 21, 2016:
    - Replays are now available!

    March 10, 2016:
    - Combat speed is now remembered and set to your previous setting again when launching an attack.

    March 02, 2016:
    - Units that spawn security teams when destroyed will no longer spawn a security team if they start the battle with less than 10% health, as indicated by the "yellow wrench" icon.
    *This change does not apply to buildings that spawn security teams, only units.

    February 16, 2016:
    - Turret L11-16 range stats have been reverted to the previous stat.
    - You can now view battle history for any individual Clanmate using the Player Info -> Battle History button. (note: this only shows PvP battles that took place while the player was in your Clan).
    - Fixed battle log unit casualty lists for special-event base defences (the attacker's and defender's unit casualty lists were swapped).

    January 30, 2016:
    - New "Show Deployments" button on the Battle Log shows where an attacker deployed units against you. Use this to find and fix weaknesses in your base defence!

    January 25, 2016:
    - Clan battle logs: You can now view the battle logs of your Clanmates! Use the "Clan" button on your Battle History menu.
    - More battle history! The Battle History is no longer limited to showing the last 50 battles. Starting today, all your battle logs will be stored at least 30 days for future viewing. (if database load permits, we will keep more than 30 days of history in the future).
    - More chat history! Clan, Regional, and Global chat channels now allow scrolling back to view previous messages.
    - Fixed a bug that would cause your Clan's custom chat welcome message not to appear at the top of Clan chat when logging in.

    December 8, 2015:
    - Fixed a bug where the Auto-Resolve calculation was not taking into account damage-over-time (burning) effects. Units that have damage-over-time weapons should now perform much better in Auto-Resolved battles.

    December 3, 2015:
    - Player aura effects that do not come from activated boosts - like Damage Protection, Blitz Victory attempts, CC/TOC Leader bonuses, and Leadership Changes - no longer count against the maximum limit of 4 activated boost auras.

    October 29, 2015:
    - Battalion-vs-battalion combat can now be Auto-Resolved directly from the Multiplayer Map. Click an enemy battalion next to your own forces and choose "Auto-Resolve" to carry out the battle instantly. (this has the same effect as starting a normal Attack and choosing "Auto-Resolve", but you can now do this without leaving the map).

    September 30, 2015:
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the Player Info screen to hide the Send Invite button and display "Member of ?" for players not currently in a Clan.

    September 15, 2015:
    - Battalion management menu now groups together units at the same health level.
    - When transferring units into or out of a battalion, you can now hold down the mouse button to transfer multiple units rapidly. You can also use the right mouse button to transfer the most damaged units of each type out of Reserves, instead of the healthiest units.

    September 14, 2015:
    - See who's online: the "Your Clan" menu now displays online/offline status of your Clanmates.

    September 8, 2015:
    - New: right-click on the Multiplayer Map to clear away the current pop-up menu. (thanks to a player suggestion!)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented mouse clicks from being detected underneath the Multiplayer Map drop-down menu.

    September 7, 2015:
    - Network lag removed from battalion management: moving units between battalions and Reserves now happens instantly.
    - It is now possible to call a battalion to any empty hex in the Multiplayer Map. Just click on the empty hex to select it, then click "Call Battalion".

    August 28, 2015:
    - In response to the problem with Clan leaders who stop playing the game, the support team now has the ability to "Demote" an existing leader. If you're Clan has an inactive leader, you can report it by contacting support - if the leader has been inactive for more than three weeks, the support team will demote the player to rank IV.
    A new leader will be appointed according to the normal succession rules - it chooses the player with the highest current rank, then highest player level, then highest account age.

    - All maps now have the special "Auto-Resolve" option. To use it, click "Auto-Resolve" during battalion combat to finish battles instantly. This is an excellent way of destroying small battalions fast and efficiently on the regional map.

    August 27, 2015:
    - In response to player feedback, you will now see a faint yellow outline around the deployment zone for enemy bases.

    August 18, 2015:
    - Multiplayer Map label colors updated for better clarity: enemy names now appear in light yellow text, to avoid confusion with red-colored Iron quarries.

    - The Multiplayer Map label font now shrinks a bit smaller when the map is zoomed out.

    - The Multiplayer Map "Attack" button was showing incorrectly in some cases where you could Spy on an enemy battalion, but did not have any units able to attack it (for example, when the battalion was next to your home base, but you did not have any battalions ready to attack it). For consistency with the regular "Attack" button, which is disabled in these cases, the Multiplayer map "Attack" button will also be disabled.

    August 17, 2015:
    - Map 204 with special "Auto-Resolve" option is now open for a limited time! Click "Auto-Resolve" during battalion combat to finish battles instantly! Map 204 also features 10% more resources from quarries.
    - Note: "Auto-Resolve" is available only in Map 204, and only in battalion-vs-battalion fights (not battalion-vs-base fights).

    July 27, 2015:
    - The Wrecker, Mauler, Outrider, and Warbird now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    July 25, 2015:
    - After battalion attack errors such as "Target Not Found", the Regional Map should now return you to the place you were viewing more reliably, instead of closing and sending you back to your home base screen.

    July 18, 2015:
    - Rainmaker, Liberator, Hellhound, and Juggernaut now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    July 8, 2015:
    - The Multiplayer Map can now be used while the Transmitter or Reserves Bay is upgrading.

    July 7, 2015:
    - Added "Don't show this message again" option to the post-battle screen for battalion fights. If you enable this, you will be taken back to the Multiplayer map immediately after each battalion battle, skipping the usual post-battle message.

    July 4, 2015:
    - Wrecker, Mauler, Outrider, and Warbird now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    June 5, 2015:
    -Juggernaut, Wrecker, Mauler, Outrider, and Warbird now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    June 1, 2015:
    - The left-hand bar that displays items usable in combat now allows scrolling, so you can launch any missile/spell from your inventory, instead of being limited to just the first few entries.

    May 29, 2015:
    - Rainmaker, Tornado, Hellhound, Marksman, and Dreadnaught now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    May 22, 2015:
    - Juggernaut, Wrecker, Punisher, Warbird, Mauler, Centurion, Liberator, Outrider, Voodoo, and Dragon now have 10-30% higher combat stats and cost less resources to build and repair.

    May 21, 2015:
    - Updated Facebook profile pictures should take effect in-game within 1 day of the change. Previously, some profile pictures had been "frozen" to old versions for several days.

    May 6, 2015:
    - Share your Victories! New "Screenshot" button lets you quickly post screenshots from your base, Player Info, and Battle Logs on Facebook.

    April 30, 2015:
    - Fixed a glitch where a battalion moving to guard a quarry was able to "sneak" into the quarry if it was conquered by an enemy before the battalion arrived. From now on, battalions on the way to guard a quarry will be recalled back to home base if the quarry is conquered before they arrive.
    - If any of your quarries became infected with a "sneaky" enemy battalion due to this glitch, abandoning and then re-conquering the quarry should clear it out.
    - Support for high-DPI (Retina) displays has been added. Players with Retina Macs and similar high-resolution screens will now see sharper graphics.

    April 6, 2015:
    - Fixed a bug where players who uninstalled the game on Facebook were removed from their Regional Map region prematurely.

    March 17, 2015:
    - Adopt a Call Sign to change your name! Choose carefully - your Call Sign is permanent. To get started, click your portrait at top-left to open Player Info, then click the "Pencil" icon next to your name.

    March 13, 2015:
    - Fixed a bug where Elite Tornado units were being produced at the level of your normal Tornado tech research instead of at the level of your Elite Tornado tech research.

    February 9, 2015:
    - Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to equip items into slots on buildings or units.

    January 26, 2015:
    - Battalions can now pass through a hex that is the destination of another battalion, as long as it passes before the other battalion arrives. This prevents battalions from becoming "trapped" by far-away enemies.

    January 22, 2015:
    - New battle speed controls allow you to speed up combat gameplay as much as 200%. Look for the new controls at the right-hand side of your game window during combat!

    January, 8 2015:
    - Player info statistics are now updated to include information such as detailed PvP stats, total damage and loot rankings, and stat history spread across all game seasons. Open up the Player Info window by clicking on your portrait, then click on "Statistics" to see where you rank!

    November 13, 2014:
    - Speed-ups are now FREE on most construction, upgrades, or research with less than five minutes remaining.

    November 11, 2014:
    - Major lag fixes - gameplay should feel much smoother during intensive battles. Also fixed the additional lag that was happening at >50% base damage in some PvP battles.

    November 6, 2014:
    - Promo items from the Facebook Fan page should now be delivered more reliably, without needing to close the game first to receive them.

    October 17, 2014:
    - Player search feature is now available on the Alliance Menu.

    October 13, 2014:
    - Barriers L9 and L10 are now available to players at Central Computer Level 7.

    October 10, 2014:
    -Fixed a bug in the way "Conquests" was calculated after a battle. In order for an attack to count as a "Conquest", the following conditions must all be met:
    - You won the battle
    - The battle took place at the opponent's home base (battalions/quarries do not count)
    - The opponent's level was the same as yours, or higher
    - The opponent was either an AI, or a human player who is not your friend

    October 9, 2014:
    - Fixed an issue with Chrome v38 and later that would cause game art to not download properly.

    October 8, 2014:
    - Fixed a glitch where the "Return Home" button briefly became un-clickable.

    October 5, 2014:
    - Don't miss out: Build the all-new Logistics Dispatch to collect bonus resources.

    October 3, 2014:
    - Unlock new Combat Achievements for conquering strongpoints and stealing player resources.

    September 30, 2014:
    - Weapons Lab, Weapons Factory, Minefield Size, Anti-Gunship Mines, and Anti-Transport Mines now upgradable to Level 10. Click Weapons Lab and Weapons Factory to start upgrading.

    September 19, 2014:
    - New Websockets connection technology reduces chance of network disconnection errors by up to one half.

    September 18, 2014:
    - Conquer strongpoints for extra resources! Clans controlling more than half a region's strongpoints earn resource bonuses for ALL clan members owning a strongpoint. Go to Attack -> Multiplayer -> Find Strongpoint to get started.

    September 16, 2014:
    - Fixed a glitch where players were temporarily not able to move turrets and barriers inside quarries they own.

    September 11, 2014:
    - Weapons Lab, Weapons Factory, Minefield Size, Anti-Gunship Mines, and Anti-Transport Mines now upgradable to Level 9.

    September 4, 2014:
    - Fixed the "Down and Dirty" and "Land Grab!" achievements to conquer 1 and 50 quarries, respectively. Previously these achievements did not activate upon conquering the required number of quarries. This fix activates retroactively.

    August 26, 2014:
    - Gunships are now upgradeable to Level 10! Go to Army -> Unlock & Upgrade -> Gunships to get started.

    August 24, 2014:
    - Gun Runner now has more hitpoints and Boomer has a faster rate of fire and higher damage.

    August 22, 2014:
    - When a quarry guarded by a battalion is conquered, any remaining units in the battalion that did not appear during the battle (e.g. air units at underground quarries) will be set to zero health and returned to home base along with the rest of the guard battalion. This fixes a glitch where some of the guard units could get "stuck" in a quarry after it is conquered.

    August 21, 2014:
    - Fixed a bug where combat items like missiles were not immediately available when launching an attack against a battalion using the Regional Map's new Attack button.

    August 17, 2014:
    - Saber and Cyclone now have more hitpoints and Mauler has faster of rate of fire and more hitpoints.

    August 14, 2014:
    - All transport units now upgradeable to level 10. Go to Army -> Upgrade -> Transports to get started.
    - Fixed a bug where some quarries (including strongpoints) could be conquered without a fight after they are abandoned by another player.

    August 6, 2014:
    - Stay up to date with the latest game news by "Liking" the Battlefront Mars fan page. To get started, click on Eva to open the Missions menu, click the new "Join the Elite" mission, and click "Accept".
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    **NOTE: Starting December 30, 2016, all new Patch Notes will be posted on this page:**

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