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Thread: Aaaalllllttttt abuuuusssseeee

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    Talking Aaaalllllttttt abuuuusssseeee

    This is allowed on here i guess All bases are ran by 1 man, the Renz bases kinda say for itself. Since my friends loose bases but this guy does not, i see some biased stuff going on XD

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    Pretty crazy yeah XD. Map 101 is not anti-alt though. While all new regions are anti-alt, and I think we'll go totally anti-alt in future content, we didn't want to abruptly cut off players who spent a lot of time and effort building up multiple accounts under the old alt-permissive ToS, so we've kept some legacy alt-permissive regions. (it should say on the Relocate Base menu which regions have an "enforced alt policy").

    We'll be revising the ToS for future games/content soon. I agree that allowing alts seems to have been counter-productive, so we'll probably get a lot stricter in the future.

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    Renz proof

    This is what is really dumb to allow, all these bases online are active by 1 man, Renz.

    He really has no life outside this game.

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    quit your cry jeezzz just because you can't do what he does stop already I have seen you guys running script but they don't do crap about that so you want to eliminate player but let scripts run ?

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    The real alt abuse is due to Facebook enforcing their "real" account policy only in countries where they have advertising objectives. Most of the international players from non-advertising-targeted FB countries are allowed to create as many fake accounts as possible - and they do! Once Spinpunch opened their games to the flood of fake accounts from international, many of these games have degraded into swarms of fake accounts (alts) with their servers remaining incapable of balancing gaming performance.

    The regional map updating delays (lags also called "glitches" by some) lead to strange effects. Battalion fighting is therefore unpredictable, except for a handful of the same players who are known to run cheat-scripts that are difficult to detect. Of course, various excuses are offered to explain the "glitches" that allow this, such as eruptions from the sun which affect the satellites or the location of the moon at any point in time. Good luck, happy gaming and expect the "Full Mooners" to offer their wonderful advice to this post!

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