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Thread: Murderous Map 12

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    Murderous Map 12

    Is exceptionally stupid. Please, steal my money.

    FYI, good faith map design goes a lot farther to encouraging people to spend money on the game.

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    I'm confused? What's this about???

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    Murderous lvl 12 maybe and he lost all.
    Sure, if you are L26, Murderous lvl12 can be hard for you. Encouraging people to spend money or to encouraging people to take Time, to Up.

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys.

    Rest assured, the team is often tweaking the event levels to try to find that perfect balance of ease and difficulty. While they definitely don't want the events to be frustratingly hard, they also don't want to make it too easy and boring either, so it's a tough balancing act at times. I'll be sure to pass this along in hopes that the design team can take a closer look at L12.

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    I don't mind levels beeing what they are. Level 12 was a bit challenging, that's ok. What I'd point out is ONP payout beeing 14.000. In other word same as lvl 8.. which difficulty level is far less you'll agree.
    I wish payout was a little higher on the last levels. 20.000 would be a fair reward for the extra sweat !

    This would also make it possible to earn more than 116.400 ONP on a 12 level event when standing on a non map (yeah life can't allow me to be on maps all year round)
    How about the total ONP points capped at 150k.. so I can at least buy a piece of equipment or a 120k leader when I complete all 12 levels on sunday evening.

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    Hi Pierre,

    All the units/time you lost to finish Murderous, you could use it to play Event Base and gain 60x14.000 ONP...minimum.
    Next Event, move your battalions

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    Hey Dogo,

    Thanks for the tip. That'd sure be a lot of ONP and I may consider this option.
    Yet I fear I may not have enough time to do 60 event bases. Do you have any idea the average time per base ?
    I usually finish the 12 levels on sunday afternoon without any rush. That's say 2 or 3 hours per day and minimal loss.

    Since I don't belong to a clan I don't stand on a map during workdays but I move when on holiday.

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