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Thread: Suggested change for flasks

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    Suggested change for flasks

    I think that the timer for sending flasks should be changed from 24 hours to 23 hours. Let's say that I like to give flasks when I wake up at 6:00. For some reason, I am late one day and give flasks at 8:30. If flasks were on a 23 hour timer I could give my flasks the next day at 7:30, the day after that 6:30, and the day after that at 6:00. I would be able to return to my normal schedule without missing a day.

    On a 24 hour timer I need to give flasks at 8:30 every day thereafter or skip a day entirely. If I'm late again, then I need to give flasks at an even later time. With the 24 hour timer, players gradually have to give flasks later and later until they are forced to skip a day.

    The 23 hour timer is just superior for people on a schedule.

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    Wow great idea. I myself gets later and later in sending flask until I skipped a day. Lets see what other players think about this though since we have experienced similarly in the flask sending. Hopefully a number of players will like this idea so that it will be implemented in-game.

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    Excellent idea. I couldn't tell what actual timing the flask were on, so this is most helful and the 23 hr timer would be great (and not overpowered)

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