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Thread: Days of Valor

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    Days of Valor

    The design team is offering limited access to a Thunder Run expansion pack called "Days of Valor", where sleeper armies descended from the axis and allies of WWII surface in Gundar. Itís up to you to stop them before they conquer the island, and from there, the world.

    Days of Valor is an early release of an expansion pack for Thunder Run that will eventually transform to WWII content. Key changes already applied include:

    - New villains and heroes from WWII sleeper army storyline
    - Hard enforcement of anti-alt policy
    - New regions to conquer and dominate
    - Access to experimental features during the Alpha period

    Early access players will see a game that begins largely identical to Thunder Run, core units and balance will be preserved and WWII content and storylines will be added as the title is built-out.

    Try out the alpha here:

    Questions or comments? Let us know what you think!

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    I started it, you could give 500 gold for the Beta tester, coz restart "TR" with same mission, same units...very long (and boring) with 100 Gold.

    My first feeling: "The day of the end for Thunder Run".

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    Next Event = Ruthless...
    I can't remember him, during WW2

    The level max is L13 or L14...on map, so take Berkman or hit Ruhless the vilain guy from World War 3 <= how is possible?

    We are 25 and i am alone on my map
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    That's great, thank you Dogo for trying it out!

    Days of Valor will evolve over time to WWII content and is not meant to replace Thunder Run.

    The release is at a very early state, but the design team wanted to offer limited access to this expansion pack of Thunder Run. The balance will be kept the same (at least for now) as we build this new title.

    What would you like to see in a WWII title (apart from more WWII villains and art)? Any specific features the design team should consider releasing?

    Thanks again for your feedback, I'm excited to share this with the Thunder Run community.

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    what do you mean about "limited"?

    We are 35 and only 3 are on map.

    "Earn FREE gold" doesn't work, check the link.

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    Thanks Dogo for the feedback,

    The title is not widely advertised nor distributed across Facebook and other platforms, but the design team wanted to offer the Thunder Run community access to it early, so that you as players can influence the direction of a new WWII expansion pack of Thunder Run. That is why you might only see a very few players on the map in the next little while.

    Thanks for the note on that quest, it was a bug and is being fixed. We haven't set up free gifts on our Facebook page quite yet,

    Again, big thanks for trying out the title, hope to spur discussion on what you and others would like to see,
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    No keys are working for me after commanding to hit enemies it's over.I am unable to access the things in game

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    Hi from France (i use English only in ur game )

    What is the difference between "War of Clans" and "Days of Valor"?
    The units are the same, the M109 did not exist during the Second World War.
    The names of the wicked are the same, our grandparents do not do the same the war in 39/45.
    There are 2 maps, but we are less than 100 then it is better.
    The French have a Global 100% French. A disadvantage for the French, but an advantage to other nations that can recruit more widely.

    DoV is a copy of WoC.
    => There is no message "Respectful ... no alt ..." on Region.

    My clan is "Ruler" of 201 (for the moment), I am map 200, I do not enjoy the benefits "Ruler".
    "Post Screemshot" doesn't work (maybe normal because Alpha version)
    Why bring up all databases (Tactical 3) over an area of 20cm x 20cm? We are all very close to each other.
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    Thanks Indian Marshal for the report -- if you're still experiencing issues, I encourage you to contact our support team here:

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    Thanks Dogo - awesome to hear feedback from you:

    - Days of Valor is at a very early stage at this point - all core units and balance will be kept for now, but we're working on updated WWII content and storylines that will be added to the game over time. You can see a sneak peek of what to expect from the screenshot I attached above.
    - Would you like to see generic global chat instead? Would this apply to Thunder Run as well?
    - I agree that the maps are a little sparse, but this will improve over time as more players access the game. You'll also see most player bases clustered together as otherwise you may have to travel long distances to find a player base to attack.

    - In order for the bonus to apply to you, you'll need to be relocated in the same region where your clan is a ruler (in this case in map 201).
    - Can you try posting a screenshot and trying again? We have pushed an update that may have fixed the issue.

    Again, really appreciate the feedback, keep it coming!

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