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Thread: Reserves Bay limit is to low

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    Reserves Bay limit is to low

    Maybe i should have spotted this before but i only just realised how small the reserves bay is compared to TR, its nearly down 50% on DOV compared. I have a level 8 bay and i have hardly enough space to fill 6-7 good batts, not sure of why this limit is so low but all it will do is cut the amount of time we can play. Can you consider making this level the same as TR or a bit closer as a 50% cut is a bit much i reckon

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    Thanks David for the feedback!

    The technology was not as advanced during WWII and it was therefore more difficult to deploy large scale attacks. This may be why you're seeing lower army capacity,


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    Ok thanks for your reply, but id guess that in todays armies there are alot LESS (but better) troops and equipment in countries armies than there was during WWII. Tanks were being made at a crazy figure a week, people were conscripted to level that far out strips what armies are taking in on a day to day basis. I just feel its spoilt the game as now its hard to keep up with repairs when doing events, many of the new things that you have put into GOV have made it more enjoyable than TR, but this is a huge draw back. Going back to the WWII thing im at a loss to how Hind's, Kiowa, Apaches and UAV are anything to do with WWII.

    Many thanks

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