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Thread: bfm players behave

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    Exclamation bfm players behave

    hey guys i like to know why some guys still can continue to talk so dirty can be so rule on a game and when we report it for just so ugley words like suck on my stick or more bad de still get away whit it i fink its not respect for other player to se or fell to hear when de been call so bad words just for de play the game clean. So manny is begin to take the game so personligt and i fink its sad i go so bad just for its a game.

    i like we cut do more to keep some guys away from the game if de cant show respect for there talk in the game i hope others will suport me in dis to make the bfm a better game agin for all

    deathwish from aod

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    Hi Bobo - Check out the new "Report Abuse" button on chat window messages. This sends a notification directly to the Customer Support team, and we'll mute/delete offensive messages as ppropriate.

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