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Thread: GUIDE: Upgrading Leaders to L2 and above

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    GUIDE: Upgrading Leaders to L2 and above

    Guide to Upgrading Your Leaders to L2 and above

    Upgrade your leaders to Level 2 and Level 3 to gain increased bonuses, like persistent security teams that defend your base even after an attacker retreats.

    In Thunder Run, Level 4 leaders may deploy security teams as soon as enemies approach, before the building they are protecting is destroyed.

    Here is how the upgrade process works for leaders:

    1.) First, upgrade the leader training tech in the leader academy.

    • All requirements must be met. (e.g. Alpha Force L3 training requires an L5 Leader Academy):

    2.) To create an L2 leader, you need 2 identical copies of the L1 leader in your Warehouse (same level and name). To create one L3 leader, you need two identical copies of that L2 leader in your Warehouse. So, in total, you'll need four copies of the L1 Leader to create one L3 Leader. (note: the Event Prizes store only allows purchasing two at a time, so if you're starting from scratch, make a single L2 leader first, then go back to the store and get 2x more L1 leaders and make the second L2 leader).

    3.) In the leader barracks, scroll all the way to the right to find the L2+ Training options for that leader Force.

    • All the requirements must be green. (e.g. CSM Brooks L3 requires 2.4k hardware):

    • Click the icon to start upgrading:

    Watch our video guide here:
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