Turret Building & Upgrading Guide

1.) First, to update to the new turret head system you’ll need to have a turret at your base, along with a Level 4 Tactical Ops Center. Click any turret at your base, followed by the “Update System” button.

2.) Congratulations! You’re now able to build Turret Emplacements with changeable turret heads, and are well on your way to acquiring some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Go to the “Defense” tab in the “Buildings” menu, and build your first “Turret Emplacement”. (note: Each Turret Emplacement has it’s own level, and each turret head also has its own level independent of the emplacement)

3.) Click your completed Turret Emplacement followed by “Change Weapon” to build any unlocked turret head.

4.) After clicking “Change Weapon”, select the unlocked Turret Head that you’d like to build on that Turret Emplacement. Click “Instant” or “Use Resources” to start building your turret.

5.) After your turret is complete, you can increase the level of your Turret Emplacement by clicking on the turret followed by “Upgrade Emplacement”. Upgrading an emplacement gives your turret more health, making it harder to destroy. Upgrading a turret head improves its offensive weapon stats, and is a two step process:

  1. First, unlock the ability to produce higher-level turret heads by choosing "Upgrade Tech" on the building context menu, or go right to your Weapons Lab and choose "Unlock & Upgrade".
  2. Second, after unlocking the ability to produce a higher-level turret head, you can then go to each turret and replace the current head with a new, higher-level head. Do this by selecting the "Change Weapon" option on the building context menu and choose the new head you just unlocked or upgraded.

NOTE: This two-step process is just like unlocking and producing units: first you unlock the ability to produce a unit at a certain level, and then you use your factory buildings to produce that unit. (however, unlike units, you do not receive an automatic upgrade to all your current turret heads as soon as you upgrade the tech. This is to preserve the same game balance as with traditional turrets, which required individual investments to upgrade).

6.) Click your “Weapons Lab” building followed by “Research” and then the “Weapons” tab to upgrade and unlock specific turret head types.