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    GUIDE: Items - Leader Teams

    Most leaders belong to a "team" or "force" composed of 3-6 leaders. Each leader comes with its own security team or boost. If you manage to deploy the entire team, the benefit is increased significantly.

    Alpha Force Team: Staff Sergeant Brooks L1

    Deploying only this one leader will add a security team of 3x Riflemen to a Barracks. But if the entire Alpha Force L1 team is deployed (Brooks L1, Nelson L1, Hill L1, Campbell L1, Mitchell L1, and Roberts L1), the security team becomes 3x Riflemen plus 3x Machine Gunners.

    You can check your progress towards collecting the whole team in the item tooltip: team members turn from gray to green when they are deployed.

    NOTE 1: The entire team must be the same level to gain the set bonus. This means that if you start upgrading one officer from L1->L2, then you will lose the team bonus until you finish upgrading the entire team to L2.

    NOTE 2: "Deployed" means that the leader must be equipped to a building. Leaders in the Warehouse do not count as deployed.

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