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    We are excited to announce that battle replays are now available in Summoner's Gate!

    How replays work

    Replays are now being recorded for every battle. To view a replay, open the Battle Log and look for a new "View Replay" button. While playing a replay, you can use the time control panel at screen right to speed up / slow down time, plus there are new "pause" and "restart from beginning" buttons.

    Access to replays works just like access to battle logs: you can view your own replays, plus replays of any battle involving a Clanmate.

    Sharing replays outside the game

    There are two ways to share replays:

    First, on Facebook, you can use the "Share Replay" button to make a Facebook post. Anyone who sees the post can click it to enter the game and load the replay.

    Second, you can use the "Get Link" button to copy a URL link to the clipboard. You can then paste this link anywhere. Anyone who clicks the link will enter the game and load the replay.

    Note: Anyone who has access to the post or URL link can view the replay, including non-Clanmates. Only share the post or link with people you want to allow to see the replay.

    Feedback wanted!

    If you've got feedback on the replay feature, please post in this thread to let us know!

    This thread is our main contact point for feedback about replays. The development team is monitoring here for faster response. The "Contact Support" ZenDesk team is not set up to investigate issues with specific battles/replays; they'll refer you to this thread instead.

    Known issues to be aware of:

    • In case of any disagreement between the replay and the line-by-line battle log text, the text version is to be considered correct. Text battle logs have been tested heavily and are known to be stable, while replays are a newer feature and may have bugs. If you notice a disagreement, please post about it here, including the “Get Link” URL, so we can investigate.
    • We have not decided exactly how long replays will be retained for viewing. At a minimum, we'd like to keep them for at least a week to 30 days. However, at this point we cannot promise that replays will be available for any specific period of time.
    • During a replay, storage buildings do not show the full/empty resources the defender had at the time of the battle. They always show 50% fullness.
    • Loot and damage protection gained from a battle, if any, are not shown in replays.
    • (March 22 0645 GMT): Fixed a bug that caused playback to freeze during replays when a Dragon's Breath spell was fired.
    • (March 22 1730 GMT): Fixed two more bugs: 1) Dragon's Breath appeared to do twice as much damage as it actually did, and 2) Flying units were not rendered at the correct height above the ground.
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    Actual progress! AWESOME!

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    Great! This was a much needed and very helpful addition to the game.

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    Wow. Only TWO replies in more than two days... yep, she be dead, Jim.

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    Wow. Only TWO replies in more than two days... yep, she be dead, Jim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sofia View Post
    Wow. Only TWO replies in more than two days... yep, she be dead, Jim.
    This makes 5 replies now!

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