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Thread: GUIDE: Multiplayer - How to Fight on the Multiplayer Map

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    GUIDE: Multiplayer - How to Fight on the Multiplayer Map

    Multiplayer - How to Fight on the Multiplayer Map

    Getting Started

    To access the Multiplayer Map, first upgrade your TOC to level 3 and build a Reserves Bay.

    Managing Battalions

    A) Click “Army” -> “Battalions” -> “Create Battalion” to make a new battalion. At least 1 battalion is required to fight on the multiplayer map. More than 1 battalion can be created, up to the limit allowed by your Reserves Bay level.

    B) Only units in “Reserves” can be used to set up a battalion. By clicking “Manage” button on “Base Defenders”, units can be moved in and out of reserves.

    C) The left column shows the units currently in your Base Defenders battalion. The right column shows units in “Reserves”. Individual units can be moved to the other column by clicking them. The “All >>” button moves all units into the “Reserves and “<< All” button moves as many “Reserves” units as possible into the battalion (up to the Reserves Bay space limit). To complete the “Manage” operation, click “Done”.

    D) Move units into your new battalion.

    E) If you disband a battalion, all units will be moved to “Reserves”.

    Using the Multiplayer Menu

    A) Click “Attack” -> “Multiplayer” to open the region map.

    - Click the ”?” to bring up some help info about the regional map

    - The “Find” menu at the left corner helps finding the type of base you are looking for.

    Attacking with Battalions

    -A battalion must be right beside the target to spy or attack. Click the destination point and then click “Call Battalion”.

    -In the “Call Battalion” menu, choose the battalion you want to move and click “Call”.

    - The battalion will start moving out. The estimated time to arrival is shown at the destination point.

    -After the battalion arrives beside the location you want to attack, you can “Spy” on the base and launch an attack.

    Battalion vs Battalion Fights

    Two extra features are available for combat between battalions:

    1) “Attack”: start attacking without spying (eliminates the lag period when clicking the “Attack” button after spying).

    2) “Auto-Resolve”: finishes a battle instantly, with the winner and damage computed based on the stats of remaining units in the battalions. This is useful to clean up small enemy battalions without engaging in long battles for each one. (note: Auto-resolve may not be available in all Map regions, please check your "Change Region" menu for details).

    Types of bases on the map

    A) Player home bases: Attack other players to steal fuel, supply, and hardware, and to gain PvP trophies.

    B) Quarries: Conquer them to gain extra fuel and supply over time. Move a battalion into the quarry to protect it from enemy attacks.

    C) Special event bases (Terrorist Camps): Destroy the Tactical Ops Center to win powerful loot items, including Ops Needs Points for buying elite items in the Event Prizes Store.

    D) Non-event Terrorist Camps (Available on days when there is no ONP special event happening): Destroy the Tactical Ops Center to win loot items, plus some bases offer hardware to loot.

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