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Thread: User Interface

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    User Interface

    I went through the arduous chore of reorganizing my batts today. Once again, I continue to be amazed at how terrible the UI is. It's annoying, clunky, cumbersome, unintuitive, and violates every design principle ... like ever.

    Disregarding a complete revamp, development continues to be implemented which layer new problems on top of old. The complete and utter confusion by many players on how to make level three leaders is a prime example. Level three leaders were released over a month ago and I am still seeing daily questions and complaints in region chat about how to make a level three leader.

    The Features Request thread on the Battlehouse forums is full of dozens and dozens of improvments. Why is the poor UI not being addressed?

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    Hi firescue - appreciate your feedback, as it is XD. I agree battalion management is clunky, and hope we can improve this in the future. We are currently working on a longer-term project related to battalions that will take a while to see the light of day, but it's pretty cool . There's constant review of our development priorities; we do track UI issues, but they have to be balanced against other things like adding game content.

    Regarding level 3 leaders, please direct anyone who is having trouble to our new guide thread, which was announced a few days ago by in-game message:

    My personal opinion on leaders is that they should have been designed as per-building upgrades similar to unit or landmine upgrades/unlocks, rather than items, which bring all the inventory management headaches. Leaders sort of took on a life of their own and achieved unexpectedly high popularity in their current form, so we've continued with that for now. We've learned a lot about systems design from this experience though, and will apply that insight to future new content.

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    It's not just battalion management. Every single window is terriby designed:

    • Clan Window
    • Battle Log Window
    • Leaders Window
    • Bookmarks Window
    • Building Interactions
    • Element placement and layout
    • Click to close used on almost every single window
    • Upside down chat
    • Horizontal Scrolling
    • Lack of Mouse Scrolling
    • The &)*()#! scroll and pagination arrows used in every window because mouse scrolling doesn't work (and even if it did it doesn't apply to horizontal scrolling)
    • Gigantic icons which require more stupid scroll and pagination arrows because mouse scrolling doesn't work (and even if it did it doesn't apply to horizontal scrolling)

    These are fundamental principles taught in any 7th grade computer class and are blatantly obvious to anyone who spends more than ten minutes playing the game. It's one thing to go back and fix stuff ... it's an entirely separate issue to continue to utilize poor design in new features. That just creates more issues to fix (or ignore as the case may be).

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