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Thread: Coming soon: Raids - Attack while online!

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    Coming soon: Raids - Attack while online!

    Coming soon: Raids - Attack while online!

    Raids are a new feature coming to Battlefront Mars that will allow you to attack other players even while they are online. Raids are designed to speed up the pace of player-vs-player combat, because you will no longer need to wait for an opponent to log off before attacking their home base.

    Please note:

    • Raids are an experimental feature and subject to change, including removal, at any time.
    • Raids will only be enabled in Map 600, the “experimental beta test” map, on a limited-time basis while we develop this feature. Raids will not be enabled on any other map, and will not (yet) be enabled full-time in Map 600.

    Current status: testing in Map 600 has been extended and will now end Tuesday, June 14 at 0500 GMT.

    How Raids Work

    Raiding is an alternate “mode” for a battalion that behaves very differently from today’s battalions. Here are the main points:

    • A battalion can only be launched on a raid from your home base, proceed directly to the target, and return directly back home. Raid battalions cannot halt on the map.
    • Battalions on the way to or from a raid target can pass through other battalions, including enemy battalions. Stationary battalions on the map do not block raids!
    • Battalions on the way to or from a raid target are invisible to other players. However, a timer is displayed on the regional map over any base that has a raid incoming toward it, and you will be warned if another player launches a raid aimed at your base.
    • Battalions travel much more slowly when in “raiding” mode.
    • Once a raid battalion reaches its target, an instant auto-resolve battle automatically takes place, then the battalion turns around and heads home. The battle will take place regardless of the offline/online status of the attacker and defender. Both players will receive a notification when the battle happens, and can check the results in the Battle History.
    • Any loot earned in the battle is carried back home with the raid battalion, and deposited into storage upon arrival. (All units now have “max cargo” stats for how much loot they can carry when in a raid battalion; check the Upgrade & Unlock menu).
    • In order to discourage harassment with frequent, small attacks, there are some limits on raids:
    • Players are limited to launching one raid per hour on average. (you begin with 10 raid attempts. One attempt is used each time you launch a raid out of your base. The counter then refills at a rate of 1 attempt per hour, up to a maximum of 10).
    • The number of raids each player can have in progress at one time is limited by Logistics Dispatch level. (new upgrade levels for the Logistics Dispatch will be released along with Raids).
    • Damage protection shields do prevent raid attacks against you while active.
    • If you do not have damage protection, your home base can be raided at any time, even if you are online or in combat against another player.
    • Currently, being in defensive combat against an AI attack prevents raids. This is likely to change soon.
    • Also, raid attacks cannot result in the defender receiving damage protection. We may change this depending on feedback.
    • Raid battles behave just like ordinary player-vs-player battles in terms of the level ranges you’re allowed to attack, resources you can loot, PvP points you can win or lose, and how you sacrifice your own damage protection if you launch an attack.

    How to Raid

    To launch a raid, first click a human enemy home base on the map, and then click the new “Launch Raid” button:

    Next, choose a battalion to send on the raid. Note: only battalions that are parked at your home base are eligible for raids.

    The confirmation screen shows the overall infantry/armor/air strength of your chosen battalion and its cargo space for loot. (Since this target hasn’t been attacked recently, no scouting info is available. If you make another attack soon after, you’ll see a similar graph of the opponent’s infantry/armor/air/turret strength, plus available loot).

    Click “Attack” to launch the raid.

    Battalions on the way to a raid target show a special “(R)” in front of their name. These battalions are invisible to other players and can pass through other battalions, even hostile ones. However, they cannot halt on the map, only proceed to the target or return home.

    After the battalion reaches the raid target and fights the battle, you’ll see a notification on screen. (or, if you logged off and have Facebook notifications enabled, you’ll receive a Facebook notification). You can then check the results in the Battle History / Battle Log:

    Advanced Raids: Scouting

    You may wish to get an idea of the defender’s strength before committing a large force to an attack. You can launch a “scout” raid by using the “Scout” button instead of the “Attack” button on the Raid menu. This causes only your air units to skirmish against the defender’s own air units. If you win, the battle log and Raid menu will then show the defender’s full infantry/armor/air/turret strength, plus the amount of loot available. If you lose a scout raid attempt, only your air units are at risk.
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