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Thread: Remove the extra range to the railgun!

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    Angry Remove the extra range to the railgun!

    The extra range added to all the railguns make it impossible to do epic bases, single player bases and other player bases without loosing sooo much units! i cannot do epic bases or event bases like i used to because of this keep the extra range on the devastator, just remove it from the railguns!

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    Thanks for your feedback on this, Dark Wolf! I'll pass this along to the team for ya.

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    Hope it gets pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Wolf2161 View Post
    Hope it gets pass.
    In other words, they will add units to the event bases higher than what you can upgrade in yours. Thus the Level 8 Devastators in the event bases while you can only upgrade them to level 7 in your base. Makes you wonder how many other event base units are super-leveled?

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