We're making some tweaks to the calculation of bonus loot amounts for PvP battles.

Quick summary:

  • There is no change for players below TOC L5
  • Starting at TOC L5, the loot bonus when attacking a player of higher TOC level is reduced
  • Starting at TOC L5, there is now a small loot penalty for attacks against players whose TOC is two or more levels below yours

Full details:

Since the beginning, we've given a rather large loot bonus for attacks against human players who have a higher TOC level than you. The old bonus was +25% for a one-TOC-level difference and +50% for a difference of two or more TOC levels.

Here's another way of looking at the old bonus structure:

Over time, we've noticed two problem areas with the bonuses (highlighted in red). First, at high TOC levels, the +50% loot bonus is too strong. For example, in an attack by a TOC 7 players against at TOC 9 player, the +50% bonus means that the TOC 9 player could lose up to 97% of their resources in a single battle. However, the difference in actual combat power between TOC 7 and TOC 9 is not so large: both have access to the most effective units like OH-58s, M109s, TOS-1As and nearly equal defensive abilities. Therefore, the +50% bonus is too high for attacks by TOC L5+ players, and we are going to reduce it in this update.

The second problem is that there is no penalty for a high TOC level player to "beat up on" lower TOC level players. Given a choice between an even battle against a similar TOC level player and several easy "farm" battles against lower TOC level opponents, for the same amount of loot, it's obvious that most players would choose the easy battles. Therefore, we will be adding a small loot penalty for attacks against lower TOC level players in this update.

Here is the updated bonus structure, effective as of September 20 in Thunder Run (changes are in bold).