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Thread: How the hell are we gonna do the epic bases now?

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    Angry How the hell are we gonna do the epic bases now?

    I can't even do a 26 without loosing almost a full battalion of tornados and almost 4 batts of gun runners because the extra turret ranges, i am NOT spending money just to beat a 26. Something needs to change!

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    I understand you guys wanna give us a challenge in getting blueprints and items, but damn, there is a line between challenging and not even worth the time and repairs to do.

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    I've noticed too, you can activate range boosters as help, i couldn't seem to find better solution. It's true, ranges for lvl6 lasers have increased i think. :/

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    Hi guys, thank you so much for your feedback, I already shared this with the rest of the team. I myself uses high-HP tanks to hit the turrets, I just create a lot of them before the event starts and reserve them. Basically careful planning, preparing before the event starts do help a lot. The reserves feature was added for event purposes, so you can store units to replace your batts to push on then repair them later when the event ends. I hope the devs would consider reducing the difficulty when they see your feedback though.

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