Our team has been working really hard over the past few months to make the dream of having our own platform for our games a reality.
We're excited to announce that the first stage is nearing completion and a Beta version of Battlefront Mars will be launched on our Battlehouse.com site on Friday, October 1st!

In addition, this test version of Battlefront Mars now fully supports tablets like iPads and most large-screen Android devices.
We invite you to log in, try out the new platform, and give us your feedback. On Battlehouse, you'll enjoy faster gameplay, no adverts and no "middle-man" (Facebook) to have to deal with.

Players who have an existing account on the Battlehouse forums or ClanHQ can use the same username and password to log in for Battlefront Mars. There is no need to create a new account.

Note: The Battlehouse.com version of Battlefront Mars co-exists in the same world as the Facebook version. However, the account you create on Battlehouse.com will be a fresh new base, and is not connected to your Facebook Battlefront Mars base (even if you use "Log in with Facebook"). For the purpose of our anti-alt policy, you will not be penalized for having a battlehouse.com-based account in addition to a Facebook-based account in Battlefront Mars.

So, join our early-access playtest now! We look forward to welcoming you online!