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Thread: Promethium events and store offers

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    Promethium events and store offers

    Why has this game not offer anything on this for awhile? With gun ranges increased and the cost of gold not worth buying it no more. Because you have to repairs bats a lot more. That goes on and on eating gold up. With the high cost of it. Game starting to be boring. Is Battlehouse trying to shut game down by making people quit it?? Game is in a forever BETA mode. SOme buildings can not even get to lvl 10. Unlike Days of Valor and Thunder Run which has up dated War Star seems to left behind. Just wondering.

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    Hi GravyDave! I'm sorry for the lack of updates on WSE lately. While design priority has been more on Thunder Run and Days of Valor recently like you mentioning, I can say that the design team does still have potential plans in store for the future of WSE, and definitely don't have any plans to try to shut the game down anytime soon. Until priorities shift, however, I'm afraid I don't have a turn around time as to when you can expect the next WSE update at this time.

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