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    In all honesty, I have a question I'd like to ask.

    Why do ONP expire? What is the game play purpose for this?

    I just checked my lifetime ONP winnings, and I found that if I'd have been allowed to keep all of my lifetime ONP instead of being forced to spend it, delete it, or lose it, I could have acquired not just the HIND blueprints but the E-HIND blueprints as well. That would have at least given me a fighting chance against the players who are able to play all day or coin their way through repairs.

    I think a lot of other people are in a similar situation to where they'd be able to be more competitive if they could keep and redeem over time instead of having to ditch or lose it.

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    Good idea, only they would have to be protected in someway, so that you don't end up collecting them for someone else.

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    Just keep them in the warehouse like we normally do.

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    We're intending Hardware to have the role of a "keepable" resource that can be used to access some rare rewards. Over time, we've been adding more and more items that to the Hardware store that were previously only available for ONP, and will continue to do this as time goes on.

    However, the ability to collect a large number of ONP within a single event week is meant to be a difficult challenge that defines top Single Player gameplay, and the most powerful rewards are reserved for players who can meet that challenge.

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    Thing is, Hardware gets stolen. As we've noted, a person can grind their mouse finger to the bone collecting hardware, only to get it all stolen by another player the minute they're off to the bathroom.

    It's *this*, the frustration of not being able to keep what you've worked for, that's making people quit the game.

    As it is, hardware is already required for certain upgrades (like training TOC leaders and stat upgrades for blueprint units), so having it be the "award" currency is forcing it to do double-duty and seriously limiting the ability of some players to keep it even *if* they're not being farmed.

    ONP, meanwhile, would just sit nicely in someone's warehouse until it was needed.

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    Point taken. Maybe there is room for a kind of slow-gathering, not-stealable reward currency. Or at least some way to temporarily protect one's stockpile. Will mention to the team.

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    Yeah; there's some maps where "bully" clans just basically spawn camp around a person's base; the minute the player's shields go down, they're hit. It's hard to keep resources or hardware on these maps unless you're a part of a large, highly active clan, so making ONP easy to steal would just be the final insult to injury that'd kill the game.

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