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Thread: Anti-hacking / Alt Account Policy

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    Anti-hacking / Alt Account Policy

    Mars Frontier is a multi-player, competitive game, and we work hard to create a cheat-free environment for all players.

    Tampering with game code is against our Terms of Service.

    "Botting" - using any automatic program to "play" the game while you are not actually operating the computer with your own hands - is also prohibited.

    We have security code that detects when these rules are broken.

    A player who violates the Terms of Service may have their account locked out or banned from the game. Bans are permanent - a player who attempts to hack the game is throwing their account away forever.

    Alt Account Policy

    We reserve the right to take action against players who use alt accounts in an abusive way (for example, to bully players who could not be attacked if you only had a single account). These actions can include banning alt accounts or restricting them from making PvP attacks.

    At this time, we do not consider just having an alt account, by itself, to be a TOS violation, as long as it is not used abusively.


    We do appreciate reports of suspicious behavior, but please understand we can't always disclose the results of our investigations. Also, we sometimes find the "suspicious" activity is actually just the result of skillful, legal gameplay, or temporary server lag.

    If you're in doubt about any particular activity, please feel free to open a support ticket using the "Contact" link at the lower-right of the game window. We do read these, though due to our workload we may not be able to respond immediately. Please include the Player ID numbers of any players involved - that will help us track things down more quickly.
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