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Thread: Field Manual (Unit/Building stat wiki)

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    Field Manual (Unit/Building stat wiki)

    Hi all - this will be announced on the usual news/Facebook channels soon, but we wanted to give the forum an early heads-up:

    We're now publishing an on-line database of all unit/building/tech stats in the game. This more or less shows what you see in the Upgrade menu, but for all levels of everything.

    See the new "Field Manual" link at lower-left in the game, or here is the direct URL:

    Feedback is appreciated! This is just a first "beta" release so the formatting is pretty basic.

    Known issues:
    - Items with lots of levels need some rightward scrolling to see the highest-level stats
    - Need to add an indication of what TOC Level is required for each unit/building upgrade level
    - Display of security team stats needs some polishing

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    Thank you for adding this..i been waiting for it to happen.

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