My compensation plan at work is "base pay + commission" .

My Obamacare premium is eating up 75% of my monthly base pay. Commissions are scarce this time of year, so I'm having to juggle all of my other expenses on that remaining 25%. There is zero money left over at the end of the month for me to coin. I'm actually trying to brainstorm how I can afford to actually see someone about my blown knee since said Obamacare policy is merely a "coinsurance" plan that means I have to pay half of all expenses.

Yet I'm incessantly told by other players that coining is the only way for me to remain competitive. The more I try to play, the more this becomes true; without coining, I'm forced to try and stockpile large quantities of resources, meaning that one marauder slipping in while I'm at work can undo weeks of grinding. In fact, that's actually what happened last night; not 20 minutes after I was out the door I lost weeks' worth of work.

Imagine you're in my shoes. You're trying to play in order to forget how bad your personal finances are, only to be reminded that you need more money just to actually play.

And I'm not alone. I've spoken with other players between here and Thunder Run who are living on tight finances as well, and they can't coin either. They, too, can't keep up with the people who coin their way through life and then hammer incessantly just for the lulz.

How are those of us who cannot coin supposed to even continue playing this game when the gulf between "coiners" and everyday folk is so vast?