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Thread: Fake (dead) batts

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    Fake (dead) batts

    Something needs to be done with the fake batts that get sent out by thieves who pop on to only steal from lower level players . It is causing players to quit the game when they hit L30.

    First off there should be the four level requirement moved up to at least L40, but possibly L50. There are enough higher level players now where the +30 free for all is no longer needed.

    Second, no one should be able to deploy from a base anything that is not fully usable in combat. If a player or players wants to raid a map, they should do so as a clan, and not singly with the ability to send out fake batts which are nearly impossible to defend against. It is completely unrealistic to be able to send out a battalion that shows a Panzer, or a TOS, and has only one living rifleman in it as a decoy. At the least, the only thing that should display on the map is the highest unit that is alive in the battalion. However, something that can not be deployed in combat, should not be allowed out of a base. or perhaps a batt with dead or nearly dead units should move slower, like they would in combat.

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    Well said . I agree

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    does it really matter whether the toss is completely dead decoy or has a few seconds of repair on it making it a viable unit to deploy ??

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