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Thread: This game favors coiner way too much

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    This game favors coiner way too much

    I am a non -coiner, and I find it annoying that it costs 2 gold tokens to speed up an upgrade under 5 mins but none to do so on thunder run. I feel that speeding up upgrades with under 5 mins left should be free on battlestrike too, and there should be no option to speed up a battalion to reach its destination instantly because that gives coiners an advantage. Because of these two problems, although there are others, I feel that this game is heavily geared to making you spend as much gold as possible so that you purchase more tokens, but this wrong and honestly ruins gameplay.

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    yes and "poor" ppl leave the game to becouse of this...worst for me is the speedup tho...

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    We agree that instant battalion movement needs to be opened up beyond just Gold coining, and we're working on a system for this. Stay tuned for nws.

    Regarding 5-minute free upgrade speedups - some free-to-play games have this, but many don't, including beloved titles like Clash of Clans. Think of it as a choice - you can support the game by spending that waiting time hanging around in chat, launching attacks, recruiting Clanmates, etc, or you can skip the wait and spend some Gold; either way helps us keep the servers running and new content coming.

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