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Thread: all alts ended up on 610

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    all alts ended up on 610

    Hey just a heads up to dev's. All of my alts ended up on 610. I had nothing to do with this; all I did was turn them on and they all relocated there.
    They were all on closing maps. I like closing maps; good reso for upgrade.

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    Thanks for the report, Heath! If you submit a Customer Support ticket, they should be able to help you manually relocate all of your alts to "alt allowed" maps for you. Alternatively, you can login to the alt accounts one at a time and relocate them yourself before the alt detection system catches them, but that might be tedious for you depending on how many accounts you have to relocate.

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    I took care of it; thanks. Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on and I wasn't being naughty lol.

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