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    Congrats to all players who worked hard for the tournament. Congrats to the clans who deserve it.
    I and many others think the tournaments are nothing more then a popularity contest, or a contest of which side do folks hate more.

    To make this more about clans and have clans put out more effort throughout the season, i and many other think that when the announcement about the season end tournament is made, clans should be locked from adding people. This game is suppose to be battle of clans, but for this tournament, the winners only have a few guys who were in top most of season. There are clans that were leading all season, and because they don't do the recruiting game, they don't win. This has happened every season so far.

    I for one wont participate in the next season end tournament if this issue isn't resolved. The fighting will still be very involved and very active because everyone would like to be at the top. But there is no point in putting out so much time and effort into trying to win, when a clan will just draw guys from 15 different clans.

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    Thank you for the feedback Smashit.536. Although the game has its diplomacy feature and recruiting is basically not against the rules but I also understand your point on being a consistent clan. This will definitely be noted. Hopefully we get some more opinions from other players about this too.

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    lol smashit hahahah that`s not against the rules, a big LOL for you

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