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Thread: Unit Rebalancing & Frustration

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    Unit Rebalancing & Frustration

    Even though we're a few days out from the completion of this week's event, I may have already hit a brick wall.

    The simple truth of the matter is that as things now stand, the E-Rifleman and E-HIND are too unbalanced.

    The E-Rifleman? My mid-level BMPs are having trouble engaging them one on one. My near-max Shermans almost always lose one-on-one. That's the absurd power curve between the regular and E units.

    E-HINDs? I can field a platoon of regular riflemen and a full flight of Kiowas & Cobras against a lone E-HIND and still lose.

    I literally cannot afford to coin my repairs; I'm barely even paying my bills some months.

    I'm stuck having to compete against these events with nothing more than the units on-hand to fight and the resources on-hand to effect repairs. Adding insult to injury is that this is a low-ONP-per-mission event, and my efforts almost seem wasted. The exclusive event leader? If you can't coin, then you need to luck into a 2X ONP award. Period.

    How's a person supposed to actually enjoy this game when the event levels are too unbalanced to actually make any sort of headway and they don't have the money to coin non-stop?

    Seriously. Just 4000 ONP and I can be done with this event. But against the fleets of E-HINDs and platoons of E-Riflemen? Not likely.

    Edit -

    And while we're at it, how about lower-level event bases? Even people at level 40 are having trouble with "level 26" bases if they don't have enough E-units. How about a level 13 base or such?

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    Thank you for the feedback Ironhold. Rest assured this will be studied by the team.

    From what I know these units are special since most players worked hard to get these units and it's not easy to get them specially for regular players which is why it is kinda satisfying to work for these units. May I know what level are you in the game now?

    From what I can tell you are trying to compete with players who coin in the game. If you play like they do then you really can't compete since most players who coin are trying to tackle the game individually. My tip is you find a good clan that will help you out on events or try finding friends that would work together specially during events. Most players don't use the coop approach in these events. Take note that the game emphasizes on CLAN which is a group of players working together. I know a few players are only working on these approach and it's very helpful. You can then take turns on each event depending on how you guys work but when you get these units, it will certainly be very satisfying.

    Let me know if you have any question in the game as I'm willing to give you some tips on how you approach the game.

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