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Thread: For new players -Resources slow

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    Angry For new players -Resources slow

    I have played many similar games and it is always a struggle to get out of the early levels because of lack of resources eg Level 6 to 7 etc etc..
    In many other games the resources boost over night is much more and there are other ways of collecting eg... the daily log on boost is really pathetic designed to make you log on each day - 7 days of fairly useless boosts does nothing -- 30/31 days of gradually increasing boosts with the top ones being additional armour and 50k etc plus of resources would make such a difference .... this game could be really good.........just does not at the moment encourage you to continue playing at any of the early levels......and thats where you need to attract players..........I am afraid this game will die a death, like so many others
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    Resource production is not the only problem faced by people of any level, early levels like 6 and 7 you can't hold much resources anyway, another problem are the events both bases on the map which if I recall only unlock after you get to level 20 or 25 but also the single player missions which these days you need decent units at a decent level to complete or have your TOC at level 5 or 6 and your reserves bay maxed out to that TOC level plus maxed out paladin or Abrams tanks, the first 3 choppers maxed out to even stand a chance of finishing the single player missions.

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