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Thread: New Players

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    New Players

    Please figure out way to get new players to the game and KEEP THEM. Stop adding all this crap so no one new can even come close to catching up without spending a fortune. You pretty much have ruined the game by adding all this crap that takes forever to upgrade and forever for new players to get. You can only fix your mistakes by getting new players and figuring out ways for them to STAY.

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    Yes, many don't use this, but voice concerns in the chats. So you added this and that guess what we had more fun back in the MC12 days! Now you have upped the Elites who cares because you upped the strength in Events, YOU explain to us how that helps the new player or those that haven't a clan to do them for them to get??? You know this but if you don't this game is done soon! The lv 50's can have it, this isn't just me ranting its the chat in the game!

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    I started playing Days of Valor 9 days ago. Still to be determined if playing this game will continue long term or not. If I do continue playing long term, my budget will be a max of $200 a month. I have spent enough already to get a feeling that the game will be slow growth. What will definitely get me to stop playing the game is if larger/monster levels start destroying my base just because they can. The long upgrade times are also a concern.

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    Thank you for the feedback on the game. Feedback like this are very much appreciated and it means that we do have players who are also concerned on the game. Regarding new players and the concern that they need to spend is still an option that the player holds. (It's up to the said player to do this) Yes spending will accelerate growth but it doesn't mean a player cannot progress without spending. Yes it much more difficult since starting late on any game will always be difficult. This is why the game is more focused on cooperation thus more on CLAN. I do understand that if you don't have a clan that will help you on the game, starting is very much difficult but this is design of the game moving forwards. The game promotes cooperation from existing players to new players on the game.

    The concern on high level players destroying low level players where addressed but the shark tank level update. Note that a high level player (Ex Lvl 50 vs Lvl 30) cannot attack low level players as long as they do not attack the high level players first. High level players can only attack via revenge feature wherein if a low level players attacks a battalion or the base of a high level player, that's the time they can hit you back. For low level players, be mindful of the battalions you hit since hitting a high level players battalion will trigger the revenge feature.

    Please extend or feel free to give feedbacks on anything of your concerns as the team is very much open to discussions. We might not be able to accommodate and implement all feedback but we do take note and listen specially from our active players.

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