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Thread: Make hitlist mean something again

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    Make hitlist mean something again

    The hit-list has become worthless after hitting the 2000 coin reward. Think its time to boost the rewards and since resources that are rewarded are minimal at best, Place some repair base or repair batt buttons or something of that sort. You have gone through the task of programming and maintaining this event please make it worth while once again. It was worthwhile when it did pay off in a couple mil in resources (a longggg time ago). I know that effects your bottom line so put prizes in there. One idea would be to place in some buildings once the building is destroyed the prize is revealed. Would be good for lower levels as well as upper levels

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    That is a great idea

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    Agreed, that is a really good idea

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    Agreed, especially since some of them the resources you get don't even cover the cost of unit repairs.

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