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    Event Hitting

    Everyone complained about the ghost batts so you all came up with the bumping crap. All because it was NOT FAIR that the opponent had to wait for the batts to get there before they could do anything. But what about being totally defenseless while doing events? We all know certain batts can kill anything on auto resolve and this is what is happening while we all do events. Before we even know they are there they auto our big batts, because small batts just don't kill the events bases. Not only do we lose our big batts, they also turn around and steal the events. I don't like it when it happens to me but I really feel bad for those busting their butts to grow and these clowns come and put them out of commission for many many hours. Last hit cost me 14 hours of repair time, just to give you a clue as to how long some take to repair. Surely there is something that you all can do to prevent defenseless attacks and the stealing of events. There was a time when all players agreed that event hitting was a cowardly thing to do and most respected others on events. But as of the last few months many alts have gone to opponents map just for the joy of killing at events. Slowly driving players away from the game. DOV is already a dying game, you all going to let these clowns kill it completely? Or shall we change the name to DOV War of Events? The ONLY way to grow is these events, even coining can't get you everything, so it would be nice to be able to defend against the cowards hitting when you are not even aware of their presence.

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    This Event hitting is killing the game and I am sure if Spin Punch is not going to take any step to eradicate these, the game is soon gonna shut down. Even I am contemplating on quitting the game. Some of low levels already called it quits, now its my turn, if this not gonna stop.

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    so is this event hitting want to continue r shall we leave this game all our players at a time its up to u good game is dying because of some ego heads who have no real life and sit on game 24/7 for that low life guys many good players leaving game.

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    Such a shame that for a game we’ve all previously enjoyed, that we have began to dislike it so much due to battlehouse not listening to our comments and making real changes that are needed. I’ve pointed out several times that mods need to be in the game more to see what is actually happening, yet this is not happened. Shame on us that have invested 2 years of our time that we still can’t get our views and opinions heard. Event hitting is garbage and we’ve tried to curb it in game but alts ruin that. It’s about time that BH listened to its players as not only will DOV die out but Firestrike will eventually go the same way. I’m already looking for a game that myself and many of my clan will leave to play as I don’t feel we can do anymore in game

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    ive spent two yrs on this game it drives me nuts to see these big players with so miny alts hitting sm players at events and driving them away from the game thay use there alts to keep people from doing events so thay cant get any bigger so unfair to sm players

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    This game is finished.. More and more quitting all the time and less people coining ..
    I wont be spending any more on game not funding a game where the owners dont care for the future of the game..
    Pretty sad to say the least as the game was fun for a time..

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    Why is no one from BH taking this serious?? A lot of people have invested time, effort and CASH into this game. Please BH give us something to resolve this
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    Yes many have quit and many more are discussing leaving the game behind. There is a few other games equally as fun. However there is a few possible solutions. My suggestions would be:

    Event base map where no player can hit another batt or base. 7Day max stay where if you don't leave the game relocates you.
    Ebase next to every player base with safe hex to attack ebase.
    A batt or two for every player that is colored different and can not be hit by anyone else, or be stopped from moving on map, and this batt can not hit any other player batt or base. However that still has many issues for hitting ebases, so this may not be the best solution.

    Something needs to be addressed or more folks will leave. little by little game will die. It is starting, and will only get worse. And NO diplomacy is not the answer. Many on both sides of the game have all wanted some solution but problem is many folks start alts and do it without showing there true self. So player diplomacy will not resolve this.

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    It sounds like auto-resolve is a major source of problems here. We're considering removing the ability to auto-attack a battalion that is above a certain amount of combat power (more than a few Rifleman, for instance). Would that help the situation?

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