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    Auto Resolve

    Would like to see this removed or modified to where when a player initiates an attack on a batt, the player can no longer use auto resolve. I've encountered too many instances where a player gained the upper hand just by using auto after initiating an attack.
    Screenshot (7).jpgScreenshot (8).jpg
    This video is an example of what I'm talking about.

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    Thank you for the info James. We are aware of a known issue where some units are performing too well in auto-resolve relative to how they should be doing in live battles. On our list to take a look at this. We're also considering limiting the use of auto-resolve against battalions that are above a certain level of combat power. (the original reason for auto-resolve was mainly to provide a fast way to deal with 4-Rifleman "slow you down" type battalions).

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    About Auto resolve, For the players like me , I like relocating to enemies map and play alone It is hard to play without auto resolve it should be back. This is strategy Game so the players should think how to create or to form a battalion that can fight. I love using auto resolve, but when it was removed I don't know if i still going to fight with the other or just play sometimes. auto resolve is one motivation of me to play events and buy strongest blueprint in order to win the match . I was so sad when i saw the auto resolve was removed. Please return auto resolve

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    nonsense. you use many alts to attack other players doing events on other maps, while your main is safe with your clan.

    banning all alts will improve the game.

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    Would request the SP design team not to re-instate Auto Resolve as some players have been misusing it to kill the game.

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