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Thread: Out land closings january 11 /2018

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    Out land closings january 11 /2018

    We see another round of outland closings happening . What would be really great and show the players that BH has some respect for the gamer's who play MF is if BH would tell us all what is going on ..Instead of sharing that Info with one player named Manlove who claims that he has a friend at BH telling him what is going on..... So far the info he has shared in global and with a couple players has been spot on ... He seems to know when BH is going to start closures b4 its even released in game messages.......So maybe its about time BH tells the rest of us their plans for MF... According to Manlove all outlands are going to be closed and all that will be left is 5 or 6 alt free regions ..... . The Real shame is making alt free game will not affect the Indonesian cheat code players who use shared FB acct'S and cheat codes developed by BH itself .. So how about sharing with us what BH has planned for MF with everyone..Instead of with one player who claims he is being supplied this info by someone at BH.. Many of us have played MF since near its inception. I THINK WE ALL DESERVE SOME INFO

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    vedio replay in game

    [War is secrets, each attacker has his own techniques, and the video re-game in the game reveals those secrets, what is left of the amusement in this game, which became a little by exposing the secrets and techniques of the attackers to the fullest, so I ask you to withdraw the video from the game

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    Hi folks - We update the maps once per quarter now, along with new seasons, so the timing is predictable.

    It is unlikely that we would ever totally close all the maps that allow alts. Mars Frontier has many dedicated players who love using alts. There are also dedicated players who do not like to play against alts. So both types of maps will remain open.

    We have been lowering the total number of maps in Mars Frontier over the last few quarters because the player base is not as big as it used to be, and otherwise the maps would get too empty.

    Right now the map populations are still a little thin, so you can expect that we will probably do another adjustment at the next season change to focus down to a core set of highly-active maps. Which particular maps get closed depends on player activity; maps with the most active players won't close.

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