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Thread: Regulate game speed

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    Regulate game speed

    Dear Team,

    Is it possible that we can some how regulate the game speed, because all the players dont have the same internet speeds and might seldom get a good speed. So in regions where the Net speeds are higher those players always get the upper hand which is a bit laid down for other players who dont have internet speeds. This applies at batt fights, saving bases or catching batts during a fight. Some times we are surprised that the batt is caught in a batt fight before it reaches its destination and start suspecting of foul play which is not, but still a short coming and slower net players tend to give up.

    So was suggesting if we can see the feasibility of restricting the speeds for downloads/uploads at game level, is it possible? Come on we got some serious expert team over there!!!.

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    we reply this as LOL and LMAO

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    I reply this that this is your only advantage over your opponent. They regulate the game speed you would be nothing They tale away auto, you guys cry. They regulate the speed, you will cry more. Learn to play on a level playing field so you don't have to cry. lol

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    why are we looseing leaders out of our warehouse and base doing events and buy them upgrading to level 3 and poof they gone only to do all over get this crap fixed and those compensated

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