Health of buildings can help determine how well an attack approach will play out. Some buildings have no health at all and thus do not contribute to the outcome. Thus, my questions follow:

1. Do ALL building s that have health points factor in the battle success calculations? (it seems that walls, for example, do not...)
If the answer to this is NO, then which structures are not considered?

2. Will you please provide the Health number for each of the following structures (for each level where appropriate) regardless of Question 1:
. Clan Hall (L1 - L6)
. Armory (L1 - L7)
. Hall of Heroes (L1)
. Maker House (L1 - L5)
. Spells Workshop (L1- L2)
. Summoner's Gate (L1)
. Warehouse (L1)
. Walls (L1 - L11)

Hope I am not requesting something unreasonable and thanks in advance...