Lets see the latest game change says .. that when you loose a batt fight to an opposing player no matter what lvl they are ..You cannot attack their base for 48 hours which from what we can figure out leaves us having our bases hit every 6 hours with no chance of retal.. for 48 hours GREAT just great......... on top of that now players lvl14 and up can now hit your bats and if you loose they can hit your base and you can't hit them either for 48 hrs.. JUST AWESOME .. So this is the outcome example in outland 5 we have right now 10/23/17 50 acct all alts controlled by maybe from what we can figure 6 players at most ..Who now because of BHs game change are making new fake FB accts and throwing them into out 5 to take advantage of a change that helps people with multi alts.... Not only are we competing against players who are using batt speed cheats found on YouTube and other sites.. cheat they turn on and off at will to evade detection by BH system .Where we hardly have won a single bat fight against any of the 50 accts big and small.. So maybe this change would work in a alt free region or another game BUT it clearly in less then 24 hours has given the total advantage to those that use cheats and produce many many alts to cheat at playing MF..... Thank you so much were all ----------------..