When is battle house going to step into the year 2018 and do something about hate speech against players who may or may not be gay .. or muslim or a different race ..In outland 5 we been dealling with 2 clans WDW a alt clan and RCP who spend their days throwing how attacks on people because they believe they are different .. and spend their days cursing players out . It seems clicking report abuse is TOTALLY USELESS cause RCP WDW do it so much at this point some of their bases should have been put in prison by now BUT nothing not a single thing is done by Battle House........ I heard a couple days ago a player was banned from filing complaints about cheat codes because he mentioned he was thinking of filing a lawsuit................... Its sad someone gets punished for doing the right thing but abusers are rewarded.... BATTLEHOUSE STEP IT UP DO SOMETHING B4 YOU LOOSE ANYMORE PLAYERS AND MONEY