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Thread: Game Improvement and Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by John.194 View Post
    Add a Nuke to game. Have it cost 50,000 gold. I nuke can level any base, any level, e bases included, with 1 hit.
    Stop stealing my idea and passing it off as your own

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastian View Post
    Maybe for Valentine's Day?
    i cant wait !?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastian View Post
    Maybe for Valentine's Day?
    hmmm no gold sale for holidays ,,,,why so tight?

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    decrease time for batts fight to 1 minute.. this could give chances of revenge to those who have slow net and give up fighting for this reason..

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    It would also stop players who repair units for 30 seconds, and go out and grab batts to hold for 5 mins, the game has gotton boring. Who wants to play a game where you don't repair destroyed units, and spend all your time chasing dead batts, and if you get caught sit around waiting for them to let batt go ?

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    Hi Just finished 6 leaders of the same name,for the extra 4 turrets when you reach max TOC ,Are you guys having a laugh or something ,by my reackoning it`s gonna take another 4 more leaders to get to lvl 3 and for what may I ask ,for a poxy handful of stingers and snipers ,you guys are way out of touch with players ,go back and rethink,cos this is BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by bh-prince View Post
    While this suggestions and feedback are indeed helpful, this has already been submitted to the team for review. I can't say this would be implemented but most of the stuff on the said list is classified as cosmetic changes and is not a huge impact on playing the game.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    Yesterday, I earned the War Chest "Outfitted for War" Achievement by collecting 1000 items from the War Chest.

    • According to my Clan History, I started playing Thunder Run on February 21, 2015.
    • I wasn't able to collect the daily War Chest every day due to my Warehouse occasionally being full; however, I earned the "Outfitted for War" Achievement after playing 1000 out of 1216 days.
    • I logged into the game for at minimum 82% of the days over the last 3 years and 4 months.
    • According to my "Time in Command" on the Statistics tab, I had accumulated 136 days of playtime.
    • I spent more than 11% of my entire life actively playing this game over the last 3 years and 4 months.
    • I didn't buy anything when I was lower level because there was no benefit. However, according to my Facebook payment history, my first payment to Thunder Run was on August 31, 2016.
    • Over the course of approximately the last 1 year and 10 months since I started (and recently stopped) spending money on Thunder Run, I spent $612.36 on in-game purchases.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    Try playing the game every day for years and say that again.

    Anyways, third time ... fool on me.

    Bookmarks deleted. shortcut unpinned from the taskbar. The $50 I've been spending every month on items which do not stack and "would not have a huge impact on playing the game" says sayonara.
    On a wing and prayer, I logged in last night for the first time in over a year ... Guess how much stuff got fixed?! I read all the patch notes for the past year. There was one single reference to fixing the Jesus Stinger.

    That's all.

    The End.

    Quote Originally Posted by bh-prince View Post
    Game Improvement and Suggestions

    This thread was created to get feedback from our players to make the game better and also take note of the things you want to change. I've personally seen a lot of great suggestions from previous threads, so I decided to make this thread as open as possible and get all of your feedback and pass it on to the BH team!

    Feel free to post anything that you think would make the game better and make sure to provide a detailed description.

    Thanks again for the continued support for the game!I have mentioned before I'm not here to go against our player but instead to work with you guys on improving the game.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    Nothing new to see here. Same 'ol same 'ol the playerbase has been requesting for years on end.

    This Exact Forum Page
    1. Get rid of the stupid 10 character minimum to post a message.
    2. Fix image embedding of uploading local files in posts. It doesn't work.
    3. Finally create the oft-promised wiki so the playerbase can populate it with data. Better yet, sync it with an API so we don't have to play guessing games!

    1. Fix the missing Equipment achievement for the eRifle.
    2. Fix the missing Equipment achievement for the eKiowa.
    3. Fix the missing set completion achievement for Lvl 4 Lima Leaders.
    4. Fix the missing set completion achievement for Lvl 4 Mike Leaders.

    1. Remove player bases from bookmarks when the base jumps or is removed for inactivity.
    2. Remove NPC bases from bookmarks when the base expires.
    3. Switch the UI to a vertical layout and implement mouse scrolling. Get rid of the manual click scroll arrows. It takes 4,300 mouse clicks to get through all 200 bookmarks!!!!!

    Buff Slots
    1. Remove the cooldown from TOC leaders. [link]
    2. Fix all the junk fillers from clogging up the only 4 buffs slots available: missile cooldowns, TOC leader cooldowns, resource boosts, repair speed boosts, research speed boosts, build speed boosts. Resource boosts should not clog up the limited space available for combat boosts. Cooldowns shouldn't clog up anything! [link] [link] [link] [link]

    Base Layout and Buildings
    1. Allow access to building leaders while the building is under construction.
    2. Allow access to building leaders while the building is under production.
    3. Allow access to building leaders while the building is under repair.
    4. Allow access to view building stats while the building is under construction.
    5. Allow access to view building stats while the building is under production.
    6. Allow access to view building stats while the building is under repair.
    7. Allow buildings to be moved while under construction.
    8. Allow buildings to be moved while under repair.
    9. Allow HESCO barriers to be packed up in storage to facilitate rearranging the base layout (without making us pay resources to re-build something we already paid for the first time).
    10. Allow HESCO barriers with an instant build to bypass the construction timer.
    11. Allow bases to be expanded to a third tier. With all the new buildings, there's not enough room to rearrange a base without the click-to-move, click-to-move, click-to-move, clickity, clickity, clickity, click-fest. Base management has turned into a game within the game.

    Equipment Slots
    1. Add more utility slots. There should be enough slots for every piece of equipment the playerbase spent hard earned ONP. Once that is done, refund those of us with the achievements proving we already purchased and destroyed the less desirable equipment due to lack of inventory space and stacking issues.

    Fix the Generator Exploit
    1. [link] [link]

    Fix the Mines
    1. Allow mines with an instant build to bypass the construction timer.
    2. Allow mines to repair in parallel just like every other building. [see also: anything posted by john_k_butler]
    3. Fix the resource cost on mines so they repair for free in the exact same manner as turrets. Mines are buildings. Mines are in the Buildings window of they UI. Mines are not in the Units window. Mines are not deployed from the barracks. Mines are buildings! [see also: anything posted by john_k_butler]
    4. Fix the bug with landmines that stop repairing indefinitely for days on end. [link] [link]

    1. Make percentage based attack size boosts stackable.
    2. Make 11-day and 30-day construction boosts stackable. They cost $50 - $200!!!!! Does Battlehouse *want* us to spend money on the game?
    3. Remove ONP from the warehouse and convert them to be stored in a currency pool similar to hardware, fuel, and supplies.

    1. Fix all the current single-player maps which have enemy units spawn inside the base perimeter. (see above)
    2. Remove the attack timer on PVE bases.
    3. Fix the 6 hexes adjacent to a base to be immune from level and shield induced attack restrictions. This solves two issues: it prevents griefing by map-jumping trolls and encourages cooperation and teamwork from the home map playerbase.

      As opposed to stealing our money, good faith map design would actually encourage people to spend money on the game. [link] [link]
    4. Fix all the existing single-player maps and weekly events which have units and turrets in aggro range of the landing zone. [link] [link] [link]
    5. Stop creating new single-player maps and events with units and turrets in aggro range of landing zone. [link] [link] [link]
    6. Fix all the existing single-player underground maps which are jam-packed with splash damage that is impossible to counter. [link]
    7. Stop creating new single-player underground maps which are jam-packed with splash damage that is impossible to counter. [link]
      • Stop using FASCAM underground.
      • Stop using flamethrowers underground.
      • Stop using howitzers underground.
      • Stop using lasers underground.
      • Stop using mortars underground.

    1. Fix the default sound volumes. Thunder Run is much, much louder than any other browser-based application.
    2. Add a volume slider to the options menu.

    1. Fix the mouse hover tooltips with multi-player map elements which are located near window borders.
    2. Fix the mouse hover tooltips with buildings and units which are too close to the bottom of the screen.

    User Interface
    1. Fix the panning and zoom levels. It's impossible to play at any resolution less than 1920 x 1080.
    2. Fix the UI to be compliant with web design standards. Stop introducing new UI elements which further exacerbate the huge problem by failing to be compliant with web design standards. Switch the UI to a vertical layout and implement mouse scrolling. Get rid of the manual click scroll arrows. Design standards are in place for a reason. Everytime a new "feature" in introduced, the UI goes further down the toilet. [link] [link] [link]
    3. Add a button to open the "You've been attacked" login summary. Currently, once the summary window is closed it's gone forever.
    4. Add a quantity text input box to enter digits for the number of units to add and remove from a battalion instead of the current click to hold, overshoot, undershoot, clickity, clickity, clickity, click-fest ... one at a time.
    5. Add a visible text countdown timer to shields in the Warehouse. Currently, the only way to see the remaining cooldown is to attempt to activate the shield and receive the error message.
    6. Fix item boost descriptions to accurately reflect that the item boost applies to the entire family of units.
    7. Fix the chat window so messages don't feed upside down. Very few languages read bottom-to-top. EDIT: I'm not able to identify a single, modern day language which reads bottom-to-top.
    8. Fix the color of supply quarries and/or enemy clans so we can find supply quarries instead of looking at a giant red bloodstain on the map. There are 216 web safe colors. An SVGA monitor can display 16,800,000 colors. I'm sure a few of those could work.
    9. Fix the "Find Quarry" button so vacant quarries are first in the queue. [link] [link] [link]
    10. Fix the placement of numerous UI elements which cover the base attack screen.
    11. Fix repair time and training time to be listed in hours, minutes, and seconds. I have looked at every store I can think. So far, I have been unable to locate a clock that reads 177%.
    12. Fix the yellow "Repair" button for a battalion not currently under repair. Currently, it is impossible to read the number of units in a battalion because the "Repair" button is directly over the unit counters.
    13. Remove the giant character icons for the stupid missions lady which covers the entire left-hand side and the events character which covers the right-hand side of the home base layout screen. [link] [link] [link]
    14. Remove the giant icons above the Airfield, Barracks, Leader Barracks, Motor Pool.
    15. Switch the icon display state on the Transmitter so the default state is hidden and displays an icon only when the reinforcement request is on cooldown.
    16. Revert battalion left-click-to-call back to a right-click context menu to prevent the never-ending popup spam while dragging the multi-player map. Calling a battalion is a contextual action; therefore, it should be inside a right-click action. Put it back the way it was originally. It was correct in the first place. There was no reason to change the behavior. Once again, conform to industry accepted design standards.
    17. Fix the "Repairs Needed" pop-up window when repairs are actively running on any battallion besides Base Defenders. When repairs are running; they're running. We don't need to be click-fest nagged that the units under repair are outside of the base defenders batt.
    18. The UI SUX. BIG TIME. Gigantic window frames of wasted space. UI elements blocking combat. Piss poor ergonomics. Non-compliant design standards. Ya'll make a big to-do about being an industry leader:
      Granted, the game play is fantastic and certainly pushes the envelope of browser-based games but sweet jezus ... Disney, IMAX, and NASA wouldn't accept this garbage layout. Get someone who actually plays the game to design the UI. Hell, I'll photoshop mockups for free and sign whatever release or waiver is deemed necessary. /rantoff

    Unit Control and Pathing
    1. Fix the AI targeting priority for units with combat immunities (i.e. air units prioritizing armor units which can't fight back over infantry that can). [link] [link] [link] [link]
    2. Fix the pathing bugs for units that get stuck on the edge of maps.
    3. Fix the pathing bugs for units which stop to attack instead of proceeding to a set waypoint.
    4. Fix the pathing bugs for units which refuse to attack the face of a wall which is not visible due to the isometric viewpoint.
    5. Fix the STOP mode to be persistent once it has been set.
    6. Fix the Jesus Stinger in map 2 of the single-player "The Merchant: Epic" campaign. [link] [link] [link] [link]
    7. Fix the scuba diver security teams which can walk across water. [image]
    8. Fix the bug with battalions not returning home if the player is offline or lost connection when the batt returns to the base. As it stands, batts will park in the adjacent hex outside the base. Excepting an intercedent blockade, once the batt is recalled, it needs to come all the way home. It's a waste of our time to make us sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting up to 7 or 8 minutes waiting for the batt to come inside simply to log out.

    Other Random Stupidity Lacking Basic Logic
    1. Fix the utterly pathetic ONP rewards from single player campaigns.
    2. Fix the utterly pathetic ONP sell back on leaders looted from single player campaigns.
    3. Fix the utterly pathetic mission award of 100 supply for sending daily gifts. 100 Supply lolz!!!!
    4. Fix the XP scaling to get rid of the hell level at 39. Whatever the magic number is, it should be a smooth curve all the way to the top.
    5. Stop locking weapon blueprints behind the completion of research for the previous tier. The only thing accomplished by locking blueprints is making upper-tier players quit for 3 weeks while they wait for research to comlete.
    6. Fix the random upgrade path for level 21 ToC leaders. It should not be possible to get the same variety of leader three or four or five or six times in a row. This is the most brutally punishing random mechanic I have ever encountered in any game bar none. [link] [link] [link] [link]
    Quote Originally Posted by bh-cameron View Post
    I would just like to pop in for a moment and say that with some of the ranting aside, GHØST is simply amazing for compiling that insanely well written list. We here at Battlehouse love lists.

    I spent about an hour last week going through this list and taking some notes. What I can tell you guys is that many of the things on the list are already on our to-do list (some are on my own personal to-do list behind other things), some suggestions are being added to said to-do lists, some of the suggestions aren't possible within the game's current build due to technical limitations, and some suggestions are merely opinions that disagree with what 5 years of game data has told us.

    What I can also tell you is that if we were to hypothetically get to work on tackling everything on this list one at a time in order, it would probably take us an entire quarter of working on nothing but the things on this list to get it all done. That being said, this question is for the entire Community, especially including GHØST himself:

    If you could pick any 2 suggestions from GHØST's list to prioritize above everything else right now, what would they be and why?
    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    I'll write this as gently as possible. I've been contemplating my response for over a week. More importantly, I've been trying to decide whether it was worth the effort to respond at all.

    I guarantee there isn't a single developer who plays this game as a player does. I guarantee there isn't a single developer who spends $50 per month ($600 / year) of their own personal funds on this game.

    If anyone with the *powers that be* was spending 20 or 30 or 40 hours a week in-game they would shoot themselves in the head trying to compensate for the numerous deficiencies which have been left unattended for 5 years.

    • Having money stolen due to helter-skelter unit control when dropping into laggy landing zones swarmed with enemy units is B.S.
    • 4,300 clicks to get through the list of bookmarks is B.S.
    • The illegible multi-player map is B.S.

    To top it all off, whatever one tries, don't try to play in a different browser than the browser one is accustomed to. Different browsers have completely different sets of disorganized colors. The disorientation and discrepancies in the multi-player map are utterly beyond comprehension. Font-color is literally one of the few properties which is cross-browser compatible.

    Menu navigation and management of base layouts is a game within the game. It's frustrating and annoying to go through this shit for hours on end, every day of every week of every year for years and years and years. It's not fun. It's not relaxing. Nothing about the actual interaction with the game makes the game enticing to play.

    The fact that most Devs don't play the game is not (necessarily) intended as a criticism. Its common knowledge in the gaming industry Devs don't grind out the 2 to 3 hours per day PLUS the 10 to 20 hours of weekend playtime it takes to compete in the end game. I understand. The game is their job. I don't want to *work* in my free time. I don't want to *work* on the weekends. However, Devs and management are fooling themselves if they think they're in touch with key aspects of gameplay.

    Fixing abandoned features (unit equipment), bugs (Jesus Stingers), and the UI (almost everything) isn't sexy. It is not exciting to put out patch notes stating, "We fixed something which was designed poorly to start with." It's difficult to track metrics on fixing stuff as opposed to implementing some new feature or a holiday gold package and watching sales spike over the weekend.

    The flaw with this logic is more junk gets piled on top of the old, making everything more complicated to fix. Which ultimately results in the current state of leaving the established junk in place since it's inherently ingrained into the core platform.

    • It would have been much easier to fix the Leaders Window three years ago when there were only 2 tiers. Now we're up to 4 tiers.
    • It would have been much easier to fix the Units Window three years ago when there were no special effect hardware upgrades. Now we have HP, DPS, blast-shield, and mine-shield upgrades.

    All of which are jammed into some tiny space with funky-ass buttons instead of tabbed layouts and the god-awful clickety-click-click horizontal scrolling arrows.

    Let's consider recent features and their implementation over the most recent years:

    1. TOC Leaders Feature: Fantastic idea!
    2. TOC Leaders Implementation: Terrible. Disregarding the stupid cooldown, the fact the cooldown *still* blocks 1 of the 4 limited buff slots is sloppy. The random upgrade path is the most punishing mechanic I've encountered in any game in 30 years. It should not be possible to get the same variety of leader three or four or five or six times in a row. Using the production Leaders as an example, at worst there should be 1/3 chance on the 1st leader, 1/2 chance on the 2nd Leader, 1/1 (100%) chance on the 3rd Leader. To be clear, identifying this issue to be fixed wouldn't even benefit me. I've earned my Leaders. I feel sorry for the poor saps coming along today who still have to deal with this years-old issue.
    3. Tier 4 Leader Feature: Fantastic idea! These are literally the best thing in the game. Ever.
    4. Tier 4 Leader Implementation: Terrible. The factor-of-a-factor upgrade path is a dead end. No one is going to buy 1024 leaders to make a Level 10.
    5. High Level Turret Weapon Feature: Fantastic idea!
    6. High Level Turret Weapon Implementation: Poor. The ONP prices are ridiculous and restrictive. I would love to see the metrics on base development vs. players abandoning the game. I have no doubt ONP prices are the biggest contributing factor. It's not fun to log in everyday and accomplish nothing.
    7. The Vault Feature: Okayish idea.
    8. The Vault Implementation: Utter flop. The stingy tiers of protection and insane resource requirements to upgrade make it worthless.
    9. eAH-1Z Feature: Poor. If the the maxed out Level 12 screenshot is accurate, I don't even know why time was invested in developing this unit.
    10. eAH-1Z Implementation: Poor. See above. The stats suck. I don't see any reason to research this unit other than to collect the achievements.
    11. Heavy Armor Mine Feature: Okayish idea. Unfortunately, their only existence is an unforeseen side-effect of the TOS fiasco.
    12. Heavy Armor Mine Implementation: Undecided. Mines in general are a waste of time since Devs refuse to address the issue with simultaneous repair. There's nothing exciting about the first 5 levels of heavy armor mines; the damage and splash is worse than regular armor mines; however, I'm reserving judgment until more levels are released.
    13. eRifle Feature: Fantastic idea! It took me awhile to realize their utility; however, they're awesome.
    14. eRifles Implementation: No complaints. Research times are appropriate for their power level.

    NOTE: I'm withholding commentary on the eStryker and eKiowa. As far as I can tell, their only value is to collect achievements. Why? Because the Wikipedia which was supposed to be introduced three years ago never came to fruition. I don't have the faintest idea if it's worth 30 or 40 hours of my life to earn 1.65 million ONP to buy these units.

    I'm sure management doesn't appreciate the value of a Wikipedia. A Wikipedia isn't exciting or sexy. I guarantee the upper-tier power gamers who are most likely to spend $600 per year OR MORE are very interested in unit stats and optimizing their player power.

    Furthermore, disregarding the poor implementation of the above, even if every unit was badass and reasonably affordable, they're still susceptible to buggy unit pathing, getting stuck on map edges, terrible upgrade management, and units which walk across water.

    The guts of the game are broken.

    1. You know what *I* want most of all? Someone with a gaming background to pay attention to feedback from the player base.

    Thunder Run reeks of some coder sitting in a cubicle at night eating pizza and designing stuff they think is cool with zero knowledge of actual, real-life implementation and benefit while simultaneously disregarding every bit of feedback ever collected from the community.

    This thread is the second time a company representative was tasked with collecting player feedback. In addition to the forum threads, there were three surveys in a row a few years back soliciting player feedback. None of it has been implemented because management and / or the Devs are completly out-of-touch (or simply don't give a shit) with how to make a good / fun product.

    Quoting Prince isn't intended as an attack on his perspective alone. I've heard a similar perspective from 3 different representatives. The preceding notwithstanding, this is the most inane thing I've heard in a development context in quite some time.

    Fixing the way one interacts with the game is literally the definition of improving the game. There's a multi-billion dollar industry focused on UI/UX. The one and only purpose of good UI/UX design is to improve the user experience. That's what the "U" and "X" stand for.

    2. The second most important thing *I* want isn't even a direct fix to any particular issue. If these items are "on the list," be transparent about it. Tell us what the hell is going on. Granted, development isn't always fun. There will always be whiners who want moar free stuff. However, anyone with a modicum of experience and intelligence understands good game development, metrics, and cost-benefit analysis.

    If something is actually, truly impossible to implement, document it as such. I'll be at the front of the line to shut up about it and drop the issue.

    I recognize the wish list was limited to 2 items. I'm taking the liberty of adding a 3rd.

    3. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. There's so much broken / useless junk anything would be an improvement. Removing the stupid avatars which block the home base layout isn't impossible due to "technical limitations" and it certainly doesn't take an entire quarter to fix.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    It's so awesome to have the same Leader stuck in the TOC for 16 days.

    But we have new Machine Gunners.

    That's really cool!!!exc!amat1onmark!!

    What a f'n joke.
    To reiterate ...

    Quote Originally Posted by GHØST View Post
    How to tell managers they’re wrong about UX research ...

    User experience research isn’t about finding out what people like or dislike. And it's not about asking users to design your interface. It’s about seeing the difficulties users face when trying to use the design you’ve invented.
    EDITED for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and EMPHASIS!
    Last edited by GHØST; 08-29-2019 at 04:21 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brass View Post
    abandoned forum
    Have you tried the Discord server?

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