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Thread: Game Improvement and Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by John.194 View Post
    Add a Nuke to game. Have it cost 50,000 gold. I nuke can level any base, any level, e bases included, with 1 hit.
    Stop stealing my idea and passing it off as your own

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastian View Post
    Maybe for Valentine's Day?
    i cant wait !?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastian View Post
    Maybe for Valentine's Day?
    hmmm no gold sale for holidays ,,,,why so tight?

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    decrease time for batts fight to 1 minute.. this could give chances of revenge to those who have slow net and give up fighting for this reason..

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    It would also stop players who repair units for 30 seconds, and go out and grab batts to hold for 5 mins, the game has gotton boring. Who wants to play a game where you don't repair destroyed units, and spend all your time chasing dead batts, and if you get caught sit around waiting for them to let batt go ?

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    Hi Just finished 6 leaders of the same name,for the extra 4 turrets when you reach max TOC ,Are you guys having a laugh or something ,by my reackoning it`s gonna take another 4 more leaders to get to lvl 3 and for what may I ask ,for a poxy handful of stingers and snipers ,you guys are way out of touch with players ,go back and rethink,cos this is BS

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