Guide to Upgrading Your Unit Equipment to L2

Here is how the upgrade process works for Equipment:

1.) First, upgrade the equipment research tech in the Weapons Lab by going to the "Equipment" tab.

2.) To create an L2 Unit Equip, you need 2 identical copies of the L1 Unit Equip in your Warehouse (same level and name).

3.) In the Weapons Factory, select the "Equipment" tab followed by the unit equipment set you want to upgrade

  • All the requirements must be green. (e.g. the L2 Laser Sights for the Elite Harbin Z9-W requires 100k Hardware):

  • Click the icon to start upgrading:

  • After the upgrade finishes, the item will appear in your loot screen, at which point you can proceed to Equip it to the unit for the boost to take effect.