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    Angry Recent Changes to Units

    What a wonderful idea, I wonder who thought of that? Let me guess... someone who has never actually played the game?

    Yes indeed, it was absolutely brilliant to make most of the ground units the same color, assuming that it was your intent to make the bases look dull and drab. If so, congratulations for a job well done. It is hard to achieve such a high level of boring in just one update. Kudos on that. But, having most of the ground units look almost identical and nearly impossible to tell apart does not add to the gaming experience at all, it seriously diminishes it.

    The e-harbins and hinds flying around do not make the bases look interesting, the overall look with the "new" ground units is bizarre and confusing, and anyone coming into the game for the first time must be as completely clueless as to what you were trying to achieve as those of us who have been here a while. But then, somehow, I expect you will ... err... update the look of those units next time to something equally dull, drab and boring as the ground units. I, however, do not expect to be here for that disaster.

    Cheers to you Battlehouse, for you have once again ignored the appeals of your users for significant changes that might actually improve the game, and instead, implemented useless changes that are actually detrimental to the game.

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    Thank you for giving an honest feedback about the latest changes. I've personally passed the message to the team and would be including this on our weekly meeting.

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