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Thread: Alts Killing game

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    Alts Killing game

    Having alts gives an unfair advantage to the players that doesn't have the time to play multiple accounts. Ones that can are overrunning the maps and making it very difficult for the ones that barely has time for 1 base. Players are not gonna spend money on a game just for these guys to just take it away. Alts need to either be removed or or set it to where you can't hit within 5 lvls between 30 and 40 and over 40 be open from 40 and up. This no hit includes bases and batts. I understand this is a war game but players need a chance to grow and for the average working player it very hard the way it is. Players are leaving left and right or just doing little here and there. This game could make you guys a lot more money if you would make it easier for the players to grow. Another thing that is not helping is the only special you guys seem to want to offer is a 49.99 deal. You need to come up with different priced specials. Having cheaper specials will encourage more players to spend.

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    agree with you James but this last pack with clans MRT/ECB/RW1 talking in region forum of buying each other alliance has even the old timers saying quitting this bull! only reason we still here is our friends don't care about game any more it's past saving!

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    Hi guys! Thank you for your reports and for your dedication to our games. As you're likely already aware, you are allowed to create alts in Days of Valor at your own risk assuming that you keep each of your accounts on separate maps, and don't simultaneously play any of your accounts on the same map to gain an unfair advantage on said map. If you have evidence of players abusing this system, please submit a ticket to Player Support by using the "Contact Support" link at the bottom of your game. Thanks!

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