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Thread: Killing DOV?

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    Killing DOV?

    Would like to know what is going on with this game. So many players have left because you guys have made it very difficult for anyone to do anything anymore. You crammed us all onto 4 servers leaving most with alts on all maps making lower levels easy prey so they can't grow. Making events harder than ever. Most players in the 30s have a very difficult time doing them and most times they need help just to get anything. This in turn takes away from higher levels of getting what they want. Your so called gold specials are a joke. All I ever see is 49.99. Most players can't afford this and you expect to make money off this game. And I'll say it again, use of alts is probably the main reason this game is practically dead. Or is this what you guys want? You want to kill DOV? If so please say so. So many have put so much time and money, for the ones that can afford it, into this game . It's becoming very pointless to keep playing the game the way it is. Either fix it or kill it and stop dragging your feet.

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    ply thunder run better

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    I'm not surprise why players are leaving this game, because they made it too damn hard to do events. This game will be gone very soon, and it is because no one is able to play in events due to it being very hard, if they can't play in events they won't be able to level up their units or base.

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    I agree. They went too far by increasing the range of all MG Towers, now making all events extremely hard. That was the worst update ever!

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    yes they ruined this game with there updates. this was best game by far when it first came out but they started adding level 28 towers and mortars and tows and now they just continue to make bad decisions by adding things that new players cant catch up or even play the game.

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